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In a “P-Valley” plot twist no one saw coming, K. Michelle tearily revealed that she almost got the part as prolific Pynk-popper “Mercedes” played amazingly by Brandee Evans who embodies the role that seemingly was up for grabs.

“Brandee, who plays Mercedes, I auditioned for this part as Mercedes and it was between me and her,” K revealed during her emotional Live.

“My body wasn’t together, I had holes in me. Everything. She does an amazing job at what she does. But I haven’t even watched it in the full. I watched it, the first couple of episodes. It hurt so bad. Nothing hurts me so bad than to see y’all comparing me in doing this P—y Valley thing because I was that close.

That was my first role that I really was that close to getting. It hurt so bad, man! It does hurt me. It hurt me so bad! Because I was that close. It was between me and her. I was put on hold for the part and it didn’t happen, so I hurt. I hurt.”

Peep the full video below:

Whyyyy K waited until now to share, only she knows, but it didn’t go over too well with “P-Valley” fans who immediately dragged her deep down in the Delta.

Now, to be fair, she showed love to both Evans and show creator Katori Hall, who like her, hail from Memphis, Tennessee.

“I’m so proud of Katori, being from Memphis. Brandee’s from Memphis. I’m so proud of these women,” she said. “I can’t lie, though, that sh-t hurts. Maybe second season I can be written in. But the fact that it was between me and her is something, I ain’t gon lie, I’ve cried about it. I have been hurt, depressed, been depressed about it for days. For months.”

Can you see K. Michelle as “Mercedes?” Would you have skipped the show if she were casted? Do you think she should join the show next season? Tell us in the comments and peep the spicy chitter-chatter on the flip.

“(K Michelle can’t dance or act so idk how she would’ve been Mercedes, but okay)” – WELP

“Us listening to K Michelle” – as, always

“I can’t believe K Michelle was almost Mercedes. I probably would not have watched that sh*t” – it would’ve been…something

“Imagine watching Draya and K Michelle in #PValley instead of our girls fr.” – we’d rather not

“K Michelle really wanted to play Mercedes….

But God blocked it” – won’t He do it

“K Michelle: “I almost got the part of Mercedes in P Valley.”

Me:” – K’s timing could’ve been better

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“K Michelle: “I almost got the part of Mercedes in P Valley.”

Me:” – pretty much

“Me watching K. Michelle saying that she wanted to be on P-Valley” – nopeeeeee

“K. Michelle… auditioned for P Valley… to play the part as… Mercedes…” – yeaaa, about that…

“Y’all are dragging “K Michelle” – up and down the internet

“Shoutout to Starz for casting a new respectively unknown actress instead of a “name”. Brandee Evans is the perfect Mercedes!!!” – FACTS

“I would have NOT watched #PValley if K. Michelle & Draya got the parts of Mercedes & Autumn” – most people still would’ve watched but we feel you

“K Michelle letting everyone know she almost had a part on P Valley

Everyone:” – that’s life

“K Michelle expressed her hurt with not being casted for P Valley while simultaneously showing love to Brandee Evans but somehow y’all see her as being bitter and a hater?…please stfu” – interesting perspective


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