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“I knew what she meant when she said it and while I didn’t like hearing that I made her feel that way, I understood…”

Miles and Karen Married at First Sight

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During #MAFS‘ “Dealbreakers” episode, viewers saw the couples who married as strangers face difficulties and for one couple, in particular, things got rocky when a sex conversation lead to a seemingly overly dramatic exit.

Karen, 30, was none too pleased when her “My Stranger” spouse Miles, 26, cracked a joke about physical intimacy. After noting that they have yet to consummate their marriage and asking Karen questions about her “likes, dislikes, and physical needs”, Miles put “sex with my wife” on a calendar. That apparently set off alarm-bells for Karen and she ended up leaving their house and staying the night elsewhere.

“He literally put sex with my spouse [on the calendar],” said Karen in a confessional. “It was a stupid, childish moment and it makes me feel disrespected in our own home and he crossed a boundary.”


She later questioned Miles’ character…

“Last night I did not stay at the apartment with Miles, I decided to stay at my place,” said Karen. “He made me really upset with some of the comments he made and things that he did at dinner. We just had our first kiss so where is all this sex talk coming from all of a sudden? It’s just making me question what his true intentions are or even what type of person he is.”

and when she came back home she flat out said that Miles “made her feel unsafe.”

“Especially you writing sex on the calendar, I was really pissed off,” said Karen. “I didn’t sleep at all, I just didn’t understand where that came from. Yes, we’re married I know sex at some point is gonna come up but we just kissed for the firrst time a few days ago. For me, in that moment I felt unsafe,” she added.

Karen’s comments of COURSE caused a stir amongst fans who think the consultant is being way too uptight” and outright ridiculous.” This marks yet another time when social media users obliterated Karen and accused her of being a “Karen” in her marriage.


BOSSIP recently reached out to Miles for his take on his wife’s “unsafe” comments and as you’d suspect, the sweet southern gentleman is defending her.

Not only that he dished to us about his “emotions” constantly being a topic of conversation, his clinical depression, and his best buddy Woody’s connection with Amani.

Check out Miles’ answers below.

Miles, viewers took GREAT offense to Karen saying she felt “unsafe” with you when you made that “sex with my wife” calendar joke. What was your reaction to her use of that word?

“I see the reactions that she gets weekly and it’s tough to see and hear. I get why people are upset to an extent because I was frustrated throughout the process as well, but she gets a lot of hate that she doesn’t deserve. I knew what she meant when she said it and while I didn’t like hearing that I made her feel that way, I understood that she felt like I crossed a boundary on camera that we had established and I took responsibility for that.”

What was your initial reaction when Karen told you she wasn’t coming home after the joke was made?

“I truly was caught off guard. I didn’t realize it was that deep to her but I was fine with her needing that space. I was glad that we could take that time apart and come back and have a mature conversation about where we stood and move past it.”

It seems like there’s a lot of discussion around your “emotions” this season, has that been something that’s come up in the past while dating?

“To be honest, I get tired of hearing about it this season. I think that gets played up too much to be completely real with you. I am a guy that is in tune with my emotions and am open about how I am feeling. The “too emotional” language is frustrating to see and hear because that’s not what I believe to be true about myself nor do the people that I am closest to. In past relationships, being able to be aware of my emotions and the emotions of others has only been an asset.”

Going back a few episodes to you revealing your clinical depression diagnosis to Karen, have you had that talk with a partner before and what did you think about your wife’s reaction to the news?

“Yes, I have. Since I’ve only experienced depression for the last 5 years or so, I have only had two serious relationships that I felt were necessary to be vulnerable about my journey. When I was first experiencing the symptoms of depression as I was graduating college, the person I was dating at the time was very supportive of me as I was discovering what was going on. I was very unclear what was going on with me but something was clearly off. The place that I was in was really tough and it felt good to have someone see and hear me fully. Now, most people that meet me know that I am open and passionate about mental health and wellness so it isn’t something I am ashamed of or feel like I need to hide. Karen reacted to the news with compassion and empathy. She handled it much better than I expected her to which was a positive sign for me and showed me that she was willing and able to support me when needed.”

What do you think about your best friend Woody’s connection with Amani?

“It is WILD to see this man falling in love but I’m here for it. I’m really excited for both of them. He’s a really solid guy and deserves to be happy. To this point, they seem to complement each other really well and hopefully they can continue to do that for each other.”

You and Karen really seemed to connect during the massage. What was your favorite part of the experience?

“That was a kind and thoughtful gesture by Karen. I carry a lot of stress throughout my body so the massage was much needed. I think my favorite part was allowing myself to fully receive what was happening. Learning how to receive has been an area of growth for me and I was glad that I was challenged to do so and we could share that experience together.”





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