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Tory Lanez J.R. Smith

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Tory Lanez really released an album to rap lies about his height, shooting Megan Thee Stallion, and to diss people who called him a piece of s#!t for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. His rap career is over but his career with the World Famous Barnum & Bailey Circus is just getting started.

We don’t even know what the album is called but it really doesn’t matter. It’s insanely corny and tone-deaf considering that the nation is still reeling behind the lack of accountability in the Breonna Taylor killing. On top of all that, Tory spent a great many bars clapping back, no pun intended, to people like J.R. Smith who was very vocal about his disapproval of the diminutive rapper’s violent behavior.

Back in July, the LA Laker’s guard was amongst a number of celebrities who took shots at Tory Lanez for the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

“This clown shoots a female and ya’ll listening to his music.”

J.R. continued:

“TF Tory Lanez. You a straight clown. Facts. And tell whoever to hit my line. It’s whatever.”

In response to the scrutiny, Tory fired back at J.R. Here’s what he said on his new ominously-titled song “Sorry, But I Had To…”

“JR Smith is the pot that p!ss and you the last cat to talk about some shots that hit. Cuz your performance riding benches ni**a. I’m from the trenches ni**a you the type to buy an 80 inch and you still can’t put an inch in her.”


We can hear you cringing.

Those candy bars did not fall on deaf ears. J.R. was listening and had a lil’ something to say about it.

Smith who just recently celebrated his 114-108 win over the Denver Nuggets barked back at Tory with this via his Instagram story:

“I got time today too! “ J.R. said. “bout to get real “

There’s more … “He not even 30 stay in ya place lil ass boy.”

“bust ya gun at a female you all types of 🤡”


Sounds like the HennyGod wants ALL the smoke with lil’ shorty Tory.  Wonder what Megan will have to say about all of this?



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