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“RHOP” fans are still BUZZING over the long-awaited featherweight bout between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard that ended with a tattered yet secure wig, shattered wine glasses, hurt feelings, bruised egos and fingers being pointed in every direction.

The shocking moment popped off with millions waiting for the now-infamous battle royale that ended with everywhere picking sides.

For weeks, the two had been at odds over the pettiest things that eventually ruined their friendship.

“I could say that I could have done what I did in the previous week’s episode, which is walk away, but Monique, as you all have seen in the compounding episodes, she tried at every turn to start a fight, to start an argument, to start drama. She was waiting for an opportunity, if you ask me, to have her day, and have her moment, and make up for lost time,” Candiace explained on WWHL.

As previously reported, Candiace filed charges first claiming that Monique grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down at a winery. Bravo cameras caught the entire incident on camera and producers and cast members were seen peeling Monique off Candiace who continuously told Monique to “drag her.”

Monique followed up by filing counter-assault charges against Candiace claiming self-defense noting that Candiace has a “history” of “aggressive, threatening, and belligerent conduct.”

An attorney for Monique added that Candiace hit Monique in the face with a wine glass, leaving her with a bloody nose and lacerated lip—thus leading to her defending herself against the aggressor.

In both cases, both ladies faced potential jail time if a second-degree assault conviction stuck but the charges were dismissed.

During last week’s episode, tensions between the former friends fueled. Monique felt disrespected at her lake house by Candiace who pulled Gizelle and Ashely to the side for a chat about Ashley’s husband Michael Darby who was recently spotted at the strip club.

Candiace did apologize but defended her decision to discuss the matter in private. “It was none of everyone’s business,” Candiace told Monique, who quipped back: “It’s about being considerate.” Do you think this is what lead to this week’s heated physical altercation?

Fast forward to last night’s spicy brawl that flipped the franchise upside down and left viewers thoroughly entertained/thirsty to see what happens next.

Whose side are you on? Do you think Monique or Candiace (OR Gizelle) is to blame for the altercation? Tell us in the comments and peep MORE of the messiest reactions to the now infamous fight on the flip.

“Them: “How are you handling Covid19 and quarantine?”

Me:” – us, too!

“OMG Why somebody just post this picture of candiace” – noooooooo

“Candiace’s hair after the fight” – oh nooooo

“I Lowkey wish Candiace had a bandage on like Quad did after he fight with Lisa Nicole” – Quad didn’t deserve this

“Monique had Candiace walking ‘round the winery looking like…” – *HOWLS*

“There’s only one solution here!” – strongest wig in the history of wigs

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“I just wanna know what kind of glue does Candiace use for her wigs because that wig was SECURE!” – we stan that tattered yet loyal wig

“Candiace: Drag me!
Monique:” – ask and ye shall receive (a dragging)

“Just speechless after watching the fight. It wasn’t the fight that has really taken me back it is Monique walking the premises like the Terminator that got me” – THE TERMINATOR

“How Monique tagged Candiace” – this clip gets us every time

“How tight Monique was holdng on to Candiace” – that grip was NO JOKE

“Monique vs Candiace fight last night felt and looked like this” – def did

“My thing is, Candiace doesn’t talk any crazier to anybody than Ashley did for 3 seasons straight. So what’s the difference???” – hmmmm

“Twitter preparing its opening arguments in the case of Candiace vs. Monique” – can’t wait to see how this all unfolds


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