Funniest Tweets From The Latest "Power Book II: Ghost" Episode

Trap App BOOMIN’: Funniest (And Pettiest) Tweets From The Latest “Power Book II: Ghost” Episode

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So, here we are 4 episodes into “Power Book II: Ghost” deeply conflicted about actually liking Tariq after seasonS (SEASONSSSSS) of unforgivable behavior that includes murdering his own father in his own club on “Power.”

We didn’t know what to expect from STARZ’s risky spin-off that continues to pull reluctant “Power” fans into its intriguing universe where every character parallels a familiar fave.

At this point, we’re invested in Tariq’s race to his inheritance that now involves an Uber Eats-style drug delivery service, rigorous college courses, multiple love interests and an expensive wannabe famous lawyer working to free Tasha.

He also has to appease Simon Stern (with a side dealing boo) and survive working with the murderous Tejadas who miiiight not be the best business partners.

Overall, “Power Book II” is a compelling spin-off carried on the shoulders of the most unlikely lead character in recent memory.

“When I was first told that I was gonna be a lead of my own show, I didn’t believe it,” revealed Michael Rainey Jr. in an interview with Express.

“50 Cent told me when we were filming season six, he was like ‘yo, you know you’re gonna be the lead of your own show soon’ and I was just like ‘whatever.’

“It’s 50 Cent so sometimes he’ll be just like joking around. Then two weeks after, Courtney (Kemp) [Power showrunner] tells me the same exact thing, so that’s when I’m like ‘Oh s**t’, it definitely got real for me at that point.

“Once Courtney told me, I was still in disbelief but honestly I really appreciate it, you know.

“The workload is lit now, it’s huge now but my crew and the cast they make it so much easier for me. When I first started I honestly thought it was gonna be like a lot of pressure and I was kinda nervous, I never really get nervous for anything but that was the first thing I actually got a bit nervous for.”

Are you officially invested in “Power Book II?” Do you think it even needs Ghost, at this point? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from the latest episode on the flip.

“Live footage of me when Clifford “Method Man” Smith Jr. pulled up those briefs with that chest glistening” – THIS CLIP

“Miss Mama Tate was rolling that neck tonight” – spicyyyy

“Method man ain’t had to lick up her body like that … OMGGGG” – this GIF tho

“Mary J Blige EVERY time her stupid a** kids are having a conversation” – every single time

“Now they damn well know Tasha can’t do no push ups” – don’t be like that

“They got Tasha doing lil Murda push-ups with straight backs! I can’t” – LIL MURDA PUSH-UPS

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“My mom’s watching #PowerBook2 and told me that Method Man is about to have a sex scene.

Me:” – you know what…

“The show is called Power Book II” – well, there it is

“Davis: “You a lyin a** n*gga”


“Lauren: who’s Diana

Tariq:” – just like his daddy

“Guys i’m terrified that im actually starting to like Tariq” – NEVER thought we’d be…here


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