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Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ / Starz

We’re already on episode 3 of “Power Book II: Ghost” that comes on the heels of Ghost’s long-awaited funeral that stirred up a fresh batch of Rashad Tate slander when he shamelessly showed up AND served as a pallbearer for a photo op, of course.

And for those of you who STILL think Ghost is alive, here’s a friendly PSA from Naturi Naughton:

“I hate to break it to you guys. I know many of our fans are like, ‘This is not, no, he’s going to come back, he’s going to be Ghost’, our show doesn’t do that – when people die, they really die,” revealed Naturi Naughton in an exclusive interview with DigitalSpy.

“I hope this is not a spoiler… I’ll just say that in this case Ghost doesn’t come back to life, he really is dead. I’m sorry,” she added.

Fast forward to Sunday’s episode where we see Tariq struggling to connect with professors and fit in at college.

Tasha is convinced she can testify and prove she’s not a queen pin but Maclean isn’t sold and sets up a mock trial that goes terribly.

After Tasha crumbles under pressure, Maclean pivots to making everything about Saxe and his shady shenanigans.

With attorney bills climbing, Tariq feels the pressure to make some fast cash and asks Monet (Mary J. Blige) if they can work together. While she ends up agreeing, Lorenzo gets involves and makes a threatening phone call to Tasha’s prison burner that makes her fear for Tariq’s life.

At this point,’Riq SHOULD know better than to enter into business with the Tejadas and put even more heat on his family but he does anyway because, well, he’s Tariq.

How do you feel about ‘Riq working with the Tejadas? Are you sold that Ghost is really gone? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest (and pettiest) reactions to the premiere on the flip.

“Method Man dealing with Tasha dumb a** this season:” – she can be so aggravating

“This all this n*gga Kane wanna do” – we’re here for it

“Tamika: You telling me that James killed Silver because he was jealous? OVER YOU?!

Tasha:” – yikesssss

“”Police – Don’t move!”

Cane and Dru:” – Cane is a wild boy

“Tameika: “Are you saying James killed Silver because of jealousy, over you? He was Angela’s man by then” – messyyyy

“Idk if it’s a good idea for Tariq to work with the Tejada family because they kind of crazy” – CRAZY crazy

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“Tamika: You telling me that James killed Silver because he was jealous? OVER YOU?!” – chiiiile

“That n*gga Tariq is quite likeable in #PowerBook” – it’s upsetting us and our homegirls

“When Ghost makes his come back mid season, I want an apology. Second episode -no autopsy, closed casket when he was shot in the chest, some unknown person paid for the funeral… GHOST IS NOT DEAD. He’ll make a come back like Kanan did.” – hmmmmm


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