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The seriousness of this election can be illustrated by just how many celebrities who don’t usually discuss politics are throwing a Hail Mary at their fans and begging them to vote.

Tyler, the Creator is one of those stars, who has mostly avoided speaking on politics in the past–but this year, he decided it’s important to urge the hoards of young kids that follow him to get out and vote this November. He posted a video on social media and revealed that 2020 will be his first time voting.

The rapper admitted he’s “the last person y’all should ever take advice from,” but still felt the need to stress the importance of this upcoming election.

“Please, if you are young and your f***ing back don’t hurt go to them polls and cast a f***ing vote,” he begged fans. “I see the light… and a lot of y’all gonna be like, ‘My vote doesn’t matter and they’re gonna pick who they want,’ yeah you weird ass n***a keep that up.”

Tyler went on to explain issues that are important to him, including education, because he wants to see art and music curriculums remain in public schools.

“They’ve had the same curriculum since 1442, judging everybody on the same s**t,” he explained, before going into detail about other issues that are important to him. “I have female friends who need certain things…and I like being able to f**k on and marry whoever the f**k I want at any given moment. And if we want to keep some of those options, then we have to start somewhere.”

Tyler also expressed the importance of voting in person, saying, “some of that mail-in s**t, n****s gonna try to call fraud…I know them lines gonna be long, and it’s gonna be hot. But please, do that.”

What Tyler said. Please! Do that!!!!



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