Twitter Drags Professor Oglevee For Dogging Nikki Parker On "The Parkers"

BYE STANLEY: Twitter Drags Professor Oglevee By His Texturized Twistlettes For Dogging Nikki Parker On “The Parkers”

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Nostalgic fans are buzzing over classic “Moesha” spin-off “The Parkers” that premiered on Netflix this past weekend in all its goofy glory.

The beloved UPN series starring Mo’Nique (Nikki) and Countess Vaughn (Kim) as a lovable mother-daughter duo attending college together was a hilarious HOOT with one of the longest running gags ever: Nikki chasing Professor Oglevee (played by Dorian Wilson) who curved her for SEASONS before falling for her at the very end.

For years, this was the running joke of all running jokes on the hit show that propped Stanley Oglevee up as THEE CATCH worth (literally) stalking but, uh, upon further review–16 years later–many fans of the show disagree as you’ll see on the flip side.

Netflix announced the show acquisition along with “Moesha” (Aug. 1), “The Game” (Aug. 15), “Girlfriends” (Sept. 11), and “Half & Half”/”One on One” (Oct. 15) in a viral reveal on social media.

“The goal of Strong Black Lead is to celebrate and lift up Black Hollywood. These trailblazing shows are a huge part of that story. From the classic clown episode of “The Parkers” to “Moesha”s mind-tripping meet-up with Brandy, we’re thrilled that our members can now enjoy these amazing classics,” gushed Netflix’s Bradley Edwards, Manager, Content Acquisition and Jasmyn Lawson, Manager, Strong Black Lead.

Are you loving “The Parkers” on Netflix? Do you think Professor Oglevee deserves to get dragged for his treatment of Nikki (16 years later) or is Twitter doing too much? Tell us in the comments and peep the hilariously petty PROFESSA dragging on the flip.

“Nikki Parker was too damn fine to be chasin after a square like Professor OGLEVEE” – this seems to be the consensus

“They really tried to convince me Professor Oglevee was fine” – well, that was 16+ years ago

“Professor Ogilvee was fine” – this clip tho

“At what point was Professor Oglevee fine enough for Nikki to act like that?” – questions that seem to need answers

“He looked like orange chicken.” – nooooooo

“Professor Oglevee had the sex appeal of cottage cheese” – ahhhhhhhhh

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“Professor Ogilvee was way too confident.” – we hope he doesn’t see this post

“Professor Olgevee was a 2 acting like a 13. Relax” – A 2!!! Oh nooo

“Professor Oglevee’s square headed a** wasn’t worthy of the love Nicki Parker was trying to give him. His a** finally decided he loved her at the end of the damn show? Ain’t that just like a…nvm” – go ‘head and say it


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