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Sony Playstation 5

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Heading into this holiday season Sony is prepping to release their highly anticipated Playstation 5. The next-gen console will be the most sought-after item this holiday season with preorders selling out within seconds like a limited-edition sneaker release. Amazon is already emailing customers stating they oversold the units they would receive and the customers may not have the console on launch day. Walmart has thrown its hands in the air and refunded some customers so they can make other accommodations. When the two biggest retailers in America are having issues meeting demand you can already imagine the chaos that’s coming when it’s actually released November 12th. Even with the units practically selling themselves Sony continues their rollout just to tease us who didn’t secure a console and to hype us who did. The latest video features Sony showcasing the hardware. Many people have critiqued the look of the PlayStation 5 for its big out of this world frame but people are slowly adjusting. Sony does not want anyone trying to recreate this video and warns of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injuries if you take your console apart.

As we’ve previously reported The new futuristic game console will feature an impressive HD camera, controller charging station, a media remote, and a 3D wireless headset. If you can manage to get your hands on a console, price points will range anywhere from $499 to a whopping $699. There are two versions of the PS5 available too: “A standard model with backwards compatibility/Blu-Ray playability and a slimmer digital edition that’s “disc-less” which sent Twitter into a frenzy on the day it was announced.

Business Insider had a chance to actually play games on the new console and they described it as being it “state of the art.” According to them, the PS5 can load games “100 times faster” than those of the PS4. Expect to see better graphics too.

You can watch the breakdown video and learn all about the inner works of the Playstation 5 below.



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