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The princess has arrived!

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Congratulations to Emily B, Fabolous, and their entire family on welcoming their new baby! Emily B gave birth to her and Fabolous’ first daughter together, posting a video indicating that the baby arrived in her IG story. We don’t know the baby’s name yet, but the special baby girl was also born on a special day, 10/10/2020.

Emily recorded a video of her oldest daughter Taina unswaddling the newborn after showing off her hospital band. In the clip, Taina jokes “she’s so warm in here too, she’s about to be so mad,” as she removed the hospital blanket from her little sister.

So sweet!

Emily B’s pregnancy seemed to go by fast! Fabolous revealed his longtime love Emily was pregnant on Father’s Day this year, using the hashtag #girldad. Emily B also has a daughter and two sons, Taina Williams, 22, and her baby boys Johan Jackson and Jonas Jackson who are,12 and 5 respectively.

Just a day ago, Emily B, 39, shared another maternity photo with a beautiful quote from Maya Angelou.

Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life.”

—Maya Angelou

We’re happy to hear that this pregnancy was much more smooth for Em. Back in 2015, Emily shared via Instagram that she had a very strenuous delivery with her and Fab’s youngest son Jonas:

“I was in labor for 16 hours and wouldn’t dilate past 9cm. I pushed & pushed and shredded up my cervix. My son’s heart rate dropped and his head was stuck in the birth canal so I had to get an emergency c-section– which by then my epidural had worn off so I had to get a local spinal which numbed my esophagus! I felt like I was going to DIE! I couldn’t feel myself breathing or catch my breath- I had a panic attack and had to be sedated .. I lost over 45% of my blood and had to get a blood transfusion.”

Em continued:

“By the grace of GOD I’m ok and my son is healthy. I’m stating all this to say – I lost 15lbs after spending a week in the hospital. I’ve only been home a week and I’m still not recovered. My incision is very low but is still filled with fluid and hurts badly.. I salute all the moms & moms to be! By far one of the toughest experiences.”

Much love to Fab and Emily on their brand new bundle of joy!



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