"Lovecraft Country" Soars Into Hippolyta's Multiverse, Dazzles Twitter

“Lovecraft Country” Soars Into Hippolyta’s Multiverse, Sends Twitter Into Time-Traveling TIZZY

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Lovecraft Country” is just…it’s everything. From the acting, to the direction, to the production value, to the phenomenal writing, it’s simply an amazing TV accomplishment that gets more profound by the week.

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For most of the season, we’ve been left guessing with several unanswered questions until recently where everything started coming together for next week’s finale.

With Dee fighting for her life after being shanked by Topsy & Bopsy, Leti joins Atticus and Montrose on a journey through the multiverse courtesy of Queen Motherboard Hippolyta who finally returned from her ascension beyond space and time.

Realizing the key to lifting Dee curse is in the Book of Names–yep, the one with the missing pages that Leti gave to Christina in exchange for invulnerability, Hippolyta brings everyone to the Sons of Adam planetarium to hop back to 1920s Tulsa’s where the original book is located.

But there’s one catch: the book is hidden away in ‘Tic’s great grandmama’s house–the house that’s burned down during the riots–in the past where they don’t even exist yet.

Using the devices implanted in her wrists, Hippolyta opens a portal to Tulsa 1921, the last location of the book before it was incinerated in a massacre committed by white supremacists against the city’s African Americans.

It’s in these series of deeply layered, nuanced and brilliantly written scenes where Atticus learns the source of Montrose’s lifelong torment, Leti convincing ‘Tic’s mother’s mother to give her the book and Hippolyta leveling up yet again as the most powerful character on the show.

Now, with only 1 episode left, we’re wondering what happens with ‘Tic whose fate appears to be sealed/directed tied to Christina who continues to slither closer to her goal of achieving immortality with Ruby on her side.

What did you think about the latest soul-touching episode? How do you think it all ends next week? Tell us in the comments and peep the over the second-to-last episode of Season 1 on the flip.

“Hippolyta: I thought someone who didn’t travel through the multiverse and live 200 years in a week had something to say” – that part

“Christina: I need to drain ALL of Atticus’ blood
Ruby:” – she isn’t here Atticus at all

“Mama said “it’s the shoes for me” – she knew immediately

“Leti: Christina is gonna sacrifice Tic. Is the d**k really worth my baby father’s life??

Ruby:” – uhhh well, yea…

“But did y’all see who was doing all the looting and stealing?!” – oh WE PEEPED

“Motrose: *very obviously triggered by seeing his childhood*

Atticus:” – this wasn’t funny but it was lowkey hilarious. ‘Tic did not care.

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“Leti was like a sloth trying to get to the portal I was like – Run b*tch run – Hippolyta is turning blue run!” – she wasn’t walking slower than slow motion

“ruby asked christina to pick up a red haired white woman for the potion like it was an item on the grocery list. I CANNOT BREAATHE” – Ruby is all the way gone

“Leti done about killed Hippolyta cause she wanna walk. Ruby done went over to the dark side. Montrose has been traumatized for the 5th time. And Tic is just as fine and annoying as ever. I’m stressed y’all” – we all STRESSED


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