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A woman in Baltimore, Maryland took to social media this week to share a devastating story, accusing her ex-boyfriend of stalking and harassing her for months, even going as far as issuing death threats.

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The woman, Aziza Murphy, tweeted out a series of disturbing messages, claiming that she’s scared for her safety after both reporting his behavior to the police and filing a restraining order, but claims law enforcement hasn’t done anything to help her.

Since sharing her story, she has posted voice notes from her ex on Instagram, along with photos showing the gifts he’s purchased for her and sent to her place of work, where she’s no longer employed.

Murphy says this situation has caused her to lose her job and ended up asking for help by starting a GoFundMe.

“If I die, I want everyone to know it was Seti Yasin,” she wrote on Twitter. “He goes by Seti, Ramses, Destinee Wilkerson, Dashawn, or Sean. Me and him dated until a few months ago. He went through my phone and I ended the relationship. I dropped him off at the train station and he showed up at my house. He broke my window. Broke into my house and stole my keys. After he left he started calling non stop. He called 1,065 times with in 24 hours.

She continued, “He’s calling me from fake numbers. He has been contacting my ex husband’s family. Calling my exes, my dad, my job. Writing all of my friends. I think he’s logged into my stuff and is tracking my location. I am not safe and I am not okay. He has a history of violence, specifically violence against women that I was not aware of until it happened to me. I’m posting so that no other person who dates Seti in the future will be blindsided.”

According to Aziza, the police informed her that he has a record in four other states for similar behavior. She even says Seti has made a point of contacting her from over 80 different Instagram accounts.

“I have spoken to his ex and she has filed 4 restraining orders against him. He has a warrant for terrorist threats.”

Murphy posted a video to Twitter thanking everyone for their support. She also said that while she understands the Baltimore police department has a lot going on right now, they have an opportunity to stop another case from developing before it gets too serious, and it doesn’t seem like they care.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Aziza. Hopefully, Baltimore PD will feel the pressure from social media and help this young woman stay safe.



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