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“Ya’ll don’t like me anyway.” Whew!

Ryan Henry

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Allegations that Black Ink Chicago star Ryan Henry was creeping with his best friend’s baby mama has the internet dragging him, but that’s not a concern for him right now. According to the tattoo business owner, people have had it out for him anyhow. Last night, while going live on his Instagram account Ryan addressed the people who said it looked TERRIBLE for him to be involved in such a messy entanglement.

“They said, “he making himself look worse”, worse to WHO? Ya’ll don’t like me anyway. Ya’ll don’t even know what’s real behind that story. I’m not going to say anything. “

In case you missed it, Ryan was put on blast by Anthony Lindsey, his best friend for many years. Lindsey claims that Ryan had been secretly having sex with the mother of his child as he battled cancer last year. The revelation supposedly came after the betrayed BFF found flirty text messages his baby’s mama kept from Ryan. Ryan has yet to directly deny if this situation is true or not. It’s also unclear with Lindsey and the mother of his child are even in a relationship at all.

Black Ink Chicago fans are not letting the star off the hook easily in this situation, flooding his comments with disgust, and questioning his character.

Some fans are also comparing Ryan’s allegations to Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones’ relationship. In case you can’t recall, Lil Fizz started dating his B2K bandmate Omarion’s baby mama causing a firestorm of controversy. The Omarion, Apryl, and Fizz love triangle turned out totally different, however, as Omarion was completely unbothered.

“I don’t feel no ways. I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative though,” said the ‘oh so noble, Maybach O.

 Is that comparison between the two situations fair?

Hit the flip to see how folks are going in on Ryan over the rumors.

Is Ryan really like Lil Fizz???

“Now I know why Rachel left Ryan Henry, that nigga is real live messy as hell. He fine as fuck…but nonetheless he definitely for the streets.”

“This whole Ryan Henry thing that’s going on is interesting. I say that because Anthony and Ryan are both still following each other on Instagram lol.”

“Ryan Henry really be playing Russian roulette with his life and the women he is involved with.”

‘If Ryan Henry really been sleeping with his best friend that’s battling cancer baby mama, he don’t deserve no peace. You’d think somebody who sister and niece got killed from being involved in a love triangle would move differently.”

“Ryan Henry is a horrible human being. And that poor man’s son looks like Ryan, quiet as kept.”

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“Ryan Henry fucked his best friend girl all while he was battling cancer. I’m tryna tell y’all, that shit is real. Niggas be plotting on what y’all got, waiting on y’all to fuck up so they can creep in. Whew that’s some f**ked up sh**”

Ryan Henry from Black Ink Crew needs to relax. You don’t remember what those psychics told your a**?”


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