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It’s been a helluva ride full of twists and sharp left turns that set the tone for ‘Lovecraft Country‘s’ shenanigan-stuffed finale oozing with WTF-moments, pearl clutch-worthy scenes, monster mayhem under the moonlight and satisfying resolutions to character arcs.

We knew there were be shocking moments but it’s the way they unfolded  that sent Twitter into a mind-f***ked frenzy.

For weeks, we’ve known Tic’s grim fate that he would die on the autumnal equinox as part of slithery Christina’s evil ritual to become immortal.

He discovers this after reading paperback novel “Lovecraft Country” written by his adult son George from a future timeline that lays out everything to happen with some slight changes.

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Source: HBO

Attached to Tic’s fate is Dee who’s bewitched by her curse that Tic and Leti attempt to break with the Book of Names that sends them into an alternate dimension with ancestors Hannah and her descendants.

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Source: HBO

It’s here where they learn what they must do and the spell to defeat Christina while also breaking Dee’s curse.

Broken and angry, Dee (whose arm is decayed from the curse) is enhanced by Hippolyta but we’ll get to that later.

With Ji-Ah on deck (allll the way from Korea), Atticus and the gang return to Ardham for the final showdown where Christina proceeds to use Atticus’s blood to fuel her ceremony and grant herself immortality.

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Source: HBO

But it’s Leti who steps up with her Korean eskimo sister to avenge Ruby (who was killed trying to get Christina’s blood for Leti) and connect Christina to ‘Tic during the ceremony.

Stabbing Christina with her own dagger, Leti recites the spell she learned from Atticus’s ancestors to stop the Braithwaite bloodline forever while Ji-Ah siphons the immortal blood from Christina in a truly spectacular scene.

Sadly, Atticus succumbs to his fate but not before giving magic back to the Black community by blocking white folks from using it again with the ancestral spell.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

In the finally moments, Dee emerges with her enhanced bionic arm and Black Shoggoth (Bloggoth?) left to her by Atticus to finish off Christina in one of the trillest series finale endings we’ve ever seen.

As far as Season 2 is concerned, welllll, Jonathan Majors addresses a potential follow-up in a recent interview with EW.

“I could never have planned to play Atticus Freeman and to be at the helm of this beautiful story. So if the angels that be see fit that I continue in some twist, however they’re going to do it, then that’s what they’ve ordained and that’s what I would do. But I’m very at peace with where it is now. I feel like we’ve really told something great. That said, if they even creak the door open, I’d bang that bitch down to get back into this world and play with this family,” he said.

Were you satisfied with the finale? If you could change how it ended, what would you change? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest and craziest tweets from the transcendent finale on the flip.

“Leti doing the spell #LovecraftCountry” – *HOWLS*

“Baby George everytime Leti got into some sh*t” – everyyy time

“Tic literally had me yelling at my TV like” – this clip tho

“How I imagine Dee and her robotic arm stepped out that car to go f*ck a b*tch up once her pet alien came” – yesssss

“How Christina was sounding at the end of the episode when she needed help” – “helpppp meeeeeee”

“dee when she meets everybody at the car after killing Christina” – haaaaaa

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“Leti’s intentions while casting the spell” – it is what it is

“Tic: “We need a hand beating up this resurrected racist motherf*cker”

Tic’s ancestors:” – we loved to see it

“What the DM reply looks like during a pandemic” – mannnnnnn

“Ancestors watching Leti ban all white people from magic” – powerful moment

“Dee at her first meal after snapping that b*tch’s neck” – she’s our new fave superhero


“So Christina really wanted to be immortal and justified killing Tic, a black man cause her daddy didn’t let her join their racist white supremacy cult. If that ain’t the most white woman sh*t I’ve ever heard. She deserved to die” – mmhmmm

“Now that the season is over: #LovecraftCountry” – what is we gon’ do now??


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