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The money in the music game has always been in writing, and now, Lil Yachty is letting fans know just how much money someone can make for penning a hit record.

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Since the City Girls’ breakout single, “Act Up” came out, it’s become common knowledge that Lil Yachty is the one who wrote it. While some listeners have applauded the rapper for his versatility, others decided to troll Yachty for his part in the song. Because of one particular fans trying to make fun of Lil Yachty for his involvement, the rapper decided to flex on the listener by letting him know just how great the track has treated him.

“That was an eight-figure check and it’s still coming—I’m sorry. 7,” Lil Yachty said as he got his hair braided on Instagram Live. “Let me talk to whoever that civilian was on the last insert. These n***as be so closed-minded, right? And these n***as ain’t never seen no real money, right?”

Because of the nature of the song, fans were surprised when they first heard that Lil Yachty wrote the track–but obviously, it’s been an incredibly fruitful venture for him.

Back in April 2019, Yachty revealed that he wrote the song for his fellow QC labelmates in an interview with Kerwin Frost.

“[People] said ‘he might have said one thing in the studio and they credit him.’ I wrote the whole song, except J.T.’s last verse,” Yachty said at the time. “I know them personally, and I know what women like to hear. What’s some like, raunchy shit? I just started saying it, and before I went in the booth I said ‘no homo, y’all’ because all my boys was in the room.”

The news comes, following Yung Miami’s recent backlash from fans regarding her lyrical skills. Back in September, the City Girl went toe to toe with fans who criticized her for not writing her own rhymes. Some folks even said that she couldn’t rap. Miami eventually clapped back at the haters tweeting:

“Y’all say I can’t rap God said “I can” that’s why I’m doing it he put me here.”

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