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When Niecy Nash surprised the world by revealing that she married Jessica Betts, the actress definitely received a great deal of support. Still, there are always going to be critics, and there are some fans who aren’t crazy about her new relationship.

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Recently, when one fan asked the actress if she’s noticed whether or not she’s lost fans after coming out, Nash responded, simply saying any former fans who stopped supporting her because of who she loves were never truly there for her to begin with.

“If I lost a fan because of who I love then that wasn’t a real fan,” she commented. “Who/how I love has nothing to do with my art. I’m still a skilled, Emmy nominated, award winning actress. I didn’t stop being great at my craft because of where I lay my head.”

She continued, “Soooo idk? All I know is I’m happy and my projects are lit. Can’t wait for those who never stopped riding to see! Matter of fact the haters can stay tuned as well.”

Nash got married to Jessica Betts in August, but recently revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that she knew her wife was something special after hearing her song, “Catch Me” years back.

“When I heard that song, what it said to me is ‘That is what I’m looking for.’ That is the missing ingredient,” she said at the time. “I absolutely want to be caught when I can’t fake it anymore. I absolutely want somebody to see me. That is when I knew I was fully in love, when I felt fully seen and fully accepted, probably for the first time in my life.”

“When you live in your truth is when you’re the most happy. And it’s nothing like that,” she added. “You can get caught up in what other people think if you want to, but the main thing is what you think and how you feel in your being. And we feel so satisfied and so happy. You see it!”

Love finally found Niecy after she filed for divorce from her second husband Jay Tucker last year. The former couple had been married since 2011. However, when Nash and Betts first met, it wasn’t love at first sight initially. The two were just friends who had connected via social media dating back to 2015. At that time, Nash was still married to Tucker. Niecy revealed to People that she was surprised their relationship developed after her divorce.

“[Jessica] and I were friends, but I never saw her as someone I would date,” said Nash.

Niecy continued:

“I loved her before I was in love with her because she is such a special human being. But we began to see each other in a way we never had before. Sometimes you get so broken by love, you run from it. But I’ve learned that you should always hold space for magic because it can happen at any time.”



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