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Cardi B thinks the Birkin backlash she’s getting is racist, period.

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Belcalis Almanzar put her haters on blast after seeing a viral comment saying that Hermés’ Birkin bags “literally lost their value” because she and The City Girls wear them and post about them on social media.

Sparking a debate, the person’s posts suggested that the rappers make them “easy to get” and therefore they seem less “exclusive.”

This comes just about a week after Cardi B showed off her Hermes collection on Instagram, so she had a lot of valid points to add to the conversation, making her own video response.

“I seen this tweet. It had me and it had other female rappers on it. They were talking about if we can get Birkins from the Hermes store. And they were also saying how we depreciate the value of a Hermes Birkin bag. I find that really interesting right, because first things first, I definitely could get a bag. Actually, I got four bags today from the Hermes store, that’s one. I don’t want to brag but it’s like, don’t even try it. And second of all, why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they could get a bag from the Hermes store? Y’all don’t do this to these white celebrities. So why is it that y’all gotta be asking us?”

Cardi B continued, making it clear that she’s brought monetary value to nigh end fashion, spiking up the sales of Louboutin heels and Balenciaga sock sneakers because of her raps.

“Another thing is, they say we depreciate the value. Actually, we add value. Because in Hip-Hop, when we mention brands in Hip-Hop, their sh-t go up.”

“Hip hop, we start trends. When y’all say that we devalue sh-t, no, we actually add value,” she said. “Another thing is, why when a Black girl, why when a Hispanic girl have a bag, y’all have to question it? Whether ‘Oh, is it fake?’ or ‘She’s a scammer!’ or ‘She’s f–kin’ a n—a for it!’ There’s a lot of boss a– b—hes out that own they company. There’s realtors. There’s PRs. There’s A&Rs. There’s doctors. There’s dentists. A lot of Instagram models, they getting like $20,000 a f–king post.”

In a final message, Cardi B doesn’t want girls to feel like the have to keep up with her wealth by trying to cop a Birkin bag.

“If you a regular girl, you don’t got to break your neck to have a Birkin,” she said. “A Birkin don’t make you.”

“Don’t ever feel like you gotta compare yourself. Don’t ever feel like you gotta go to Canal Street to keep up,” she added. “The Internet life? Don’t compare yourself to nobody to the Internet. This Internet sh-t is fake.”

DO YOU think Cardi B has a point about the Birkin conversation being racist?


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