Jemele Hill And Cari Champion Reveal How They Shifted Rivalry To Friendship

Cari Champion And Jemele Hill “Red Table Talk” About Mean Girls, Survival Over Sisterhood And Toxic Female Friendship [VIDEO]

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We often say that black women are the most disrespected and least protected people on the planet — so why do some black women go so hard against other sisters?

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Protect Black Women. It’s become an anthem this year, but the new episode of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook Watch today, Tuesday, Oct. 27at 9am PT / 12pm ET will bring former rivals and sports journalists Jemele Hill and Cari Champion to the table with Jada, Willow and Gammy to discuss why women are mean to each other. The ladies currently have a VICE show, “Stick To Sports” but at one point in time, other people pitted them against one another when Champion won a coveted seat as co-host of “First Take” over Jemele Hill, who was an ESPN veteran at the time. Instead of hating one another, Hill took the first step and reached out to Champion to forge a friendship. During the revealing 32 minute conversation, the ladies discuss why Black women often don’t support each other, and how difficult mother-daughter relationships can lead to toxic female friendships. Plus, Jada shares her own story about being betrayed by a former female friend.

We knew it was about to be a great episode when Jada kicked off the show by admitting she can be a “petty b***h.”

Here’s the exact quote:

“Have either of you ever been a mean girl? I wouldn’t say I’m a mean girl, but I’m going to tell you what I am, and that’s a petty bi**h. OK? I’m a petty bi**h because here’s the thing… Now, I may not say some mean things, and I might not do some mean things, but if you do something to me… Baby, let me tell you I’m going to hold on to it…”

We also really thought it was interesting hearing Jemele and Cari reveal that athletes’ wives aren’t always their biggest fans:

Remember when the athletes would be friendly with us, right? And then the wives start talking to us and be like, ‘Hey girl! Hey girl!’ And we’d be like, ‘Wait? Do they like us or do they we’re trying to sleep with their man?’ We couldn’t tell,” Cari recalled.

“We couldn’t tell, yeah. Or they’d say that when their [husbands are] there, but you see that same woman out socially somewhere else and she would treat you like —” Jemele added.

“Trash!” Cari remarked

Cari also called out “Shea Butter Twitter” for coming for her over crushing on Chris Evans:

“We can’t even love who we want to love. I can’t even have a fake crush on Chris Evans on the internet. I can’t even have a fake crush on a white boy without being a sellout and shea butter Twitter come at me…” – Cari

Tune-in to Facebook Watch on Tuesday, October 27 at 9am PT / 12pm ET for a new episode of “Red Table Talk” HERE



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