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Gizelle Bryant knows you and Karen Huger have questions about her relationship and she’s issuing a response.

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On Sunday, The Real Housewife of Potomac was GRILLED by Karen on the #RHOP cast trip over Pastor Jamal Bryant. According to Karen, it’s a bit strange that she’s never even seen Gizelle and her reconciled husband together and she’s concerned that maybe he’s not as dedicated to Gizelle as she thinks.

Surprisingly Gizelle’s bestie Robyn Dixon agreed with Karen and wondered why the good PASTUH was always absent as well.

Karen: “I am concerned that I haven’t seen Jamal supporting you in Potomac at events. You’re always alone.”

Gizelle: “If I haven’t brought him around you all, it’s ain’t personal. The man is very booked and very busy.”

Karen:  “Is he not proud of you? Well, a proud man is with his woman…”

Gizelle: “This is what you’re saying you need. Karen, I don’t need that…”

Karen:   “I’m sorry, has anyone seen Jamal…”

Gizelle:  “You don’t need to see him. You’re not having sex with him!”

Robyn:  “But think about it. If you’re in a relationship that you’re happy about, like why wouldn’t you share that with your friends when we share our men with each other?!”

Gizelle then expressed that she was pretty pissed that Robyn didn’t have her back in front of the group, but the two later made up.

Later during the #RHOP aftershow, Karen explained why she questioned Gizelle over Jamal and reiterated that it was simply because she was concerned.


“Let’s be clear: Gizelle and I, we are hot and cold all the time, that’s how our relationship has been. But at the end of the day, I want to see Gizelle win. And so, when a man does not show up in your community on your arm, I mean, what does that say? Why is he not here for you? Why do we not see him?” Karen shared. “It may have been difficult for her to receive, but I was coming from a good place. She deserves, honestly, every woman deserves the absolute best man. If he doesn’t treat her well or is ashamed to be in public with her, is he proud of you? Why isn’t he adorning your arm around your friends and family in Potomac? That was a simple question, and it struck a chord with her.”


Still, according to Gizelle, The Grand Dame Karen can “kick rocks” as she’ll never meet her holy hubby.

“I don’t want to bring him around people that don’t support me, don’t love me, and that are truly not wanting the best for me. I know Robyn loves me and wants the best for me. So people like that, I don’t have any problems with Jamal being around them,” Gizelle said. “But Karen? Karen can kick rocks. She probably will never see Jamal.”

Included in the aftershow is Ashley Darby offering some insight into Roby’s comments. According to Ashley, Robyn hasn’t even seen Jamal despite being best friends with Gizelle.

“I was really taken aback by knowing that nobody else had really seen Jamal. I’m not that close to Gizelle, but Robyn, who is her best friend, why would she not spend time around Gizelle’s now-boyfriend?” Ashley said. “That just seems like Gizelle is hiding her relationship a little bit and doing so because she knows she has thrown a lot of daggers at other people.

Now, has Robyn NEVER met Jamal? Or she has not been around him since he and Gizelle reconciled? Questions we need answered.

In case you forgot, Karen isn’t the only one with questions about Gizelle and Jamal.

Gizelle’s father was caught on a hot mic expressing concern about his daughter reconciling with the Pastor who allegedly has “6 or 7 baby mamas.” 


Watch the ladies talk Jamal Bryant on #RHOP below. Karen’s comments start at the 3:30 mark.



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