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During the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac , the ladies continued to discuss the aftermath of Monique’s winery dragging of Candiace.


Monique, Candiace

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It’s clear that the majority of the ladies are #TeamCandiace while Karen and Ashley are sticking by their buddy Monique, who said she was provoked and is yet to be remorseful.

One person who’s obviously on Candiace’s side is Candiace’s mom, who was seen urging her daughter to take legal action. According to Ms. Dorothy, who has a tumultuous relationship with her daughter and hit her in the face with a purse last season, Candiace needs to call a lawyer ASAP.

“We do not get in the gutter with people,” Dorothy tells Candiace. “We call the attorney immediately.”

Interestingly enough, Ms. Dorothy isn’t the only one who thinks Candiace should press charges, Karen Huger, who’s friends with both Candiace and Monique, told Candy if she were in her shoes she’d take legal action.


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“I said I would look into what she could do legally,” Karen, 57, told Gizelle and Ashley who accompanied her on a trip to her hometown in Virginia.

According to Karen, while that might sound shady—it’s actually not. The Grand Dame shared on Twitter that she’s “not a fighter” so SHE, Karen Huger, would’ve taken action immediately. ” I would call for help 911,” said Karen.

She later expounded on her words on The Bravo Aftershow and told producers that she was trying to be supportive of both ladies, but if she were Candiace, the police and ambulance would have to “pick her up off the floor.”

“I wasn’t going to choose one friend over the other, that was clear out of the gate for me,” said Karen. “Whatever you all needed I was going to provide for either one or both of them and I respect her as a grown woman. She [Candiace] asked me what would I have done if it were me and I answered her.”

“Now see, here’s the caveat,” she also added. “I would have pressed charges at the fight, I’m not Candiace but if I were Candiace, which I am not—if I were in a fight y’all would know I would be innocent. And so 9-1-1, right there, okay?! Oh no, I wouldn’t have moved! My wig would have been on the floor, stayed on the floor with my body. And the cops and the ambulance would remove me, I’d be in shock!”

Oh, Karen…

Candiace also expounded on Karen’s advice and said that Grand Dame flat out said that charges should come…

“She says to me and I quote, ‘If it were me I would have pressed charges.'”

and Monique admitted that hearing her friend Karen say that threw her off.

“Karen never once made it like she was on my side or on Candiace’s side she said I’m on both of y’all’s side,” said Monique. “So hearing that it was just like that was just like so left field so I was like okay, ‘I need to talk to Karen and see what’s going on.”

Karen also added that she thinks Gizelle and Robyn are partly to blame for instigating the Cabernet Combat by “forcing Candiace and Monique” to have a conversation at the winery.

“Gizelle will strike a match, let it burn, and walk away,” said Karen.



At one point during the episode, Robyn Dixon accused Karen of “not showing any public disappointment in Monique.” According to Karen herself, however, that’s simply untrue.

“Stop twisting my words,” the housewife captioned a clip from the episode. “Tell Candice the truth, tell her what I said to Monique publicly during our meeting or just be quiet.”


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