Patti LaBelle's Alleged Nephew Byl Holte Blasted For Maga Blackfishing COUP

Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew Byl Holte Gets Blasted After Failed MAGA Blackfishing Cover-Up

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It’s only a week after the election and the head-azzery just keeps reaching new lows.

While Trump and his staff are still refusing to concede, those trying to score brownie points with the Dorito-tinged commander in chief are going to any extent to get on Donnie’s good side.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling example of this comes from Philadelphia, where former Lehigh County Commissioner Dean Browning seemingly forgot to switch to his burner account before responding to his own tweet. However, it’s important to mention that before this, the worst fake account mishaps were all held by Kevin Durant–but this makes his hiccups look like child’s play.

Not only did he seemingly have a fake account to hype himself up, but to make matters even worse, the account was posing as a gay Black man who happens to be a huge Trump supporter. We aren’t saying no such thing exists, but if he wanted to go under the radar, maybe a redneck MAGA hat-wearing, gun-toting maniac would have been a better cover.

Dean’s burner account @DanPurdy322 has a picture of a Black man wearing a beenie as its avatar and, there’s some history showing the account replying to some of Dean’s prior tweets (GO FIGURE).

Twitter detectives were able to pry further into the account’s tweet history and what they found was appalling, to say the least. Some of “Purdy’s” past tweets included some extremely sexist and racist remarks about Black Americans with comments such as “Black ppl can’t count” and “black women will be the death of America.”

Once he realized he tweeted this from the wrong account, the panic set in, and operation black-fish cover-up was launched.

You’ve probably read this far wondering what the queen Patti LaBelle has to do with this MAGA fiasco, which is where the story gets even better.

Shortly after the former Pennsylvania commissioner apologized about the questionable tweet, a video was sent out by the “Dan Purdy” account of a Black man claiming to be the real owner of the profile, but some folks on Twitter weren’t buying it.

In the age of the internet, basic lies just won’t cut it. Within seconds of ‘Dan Purdy’ posting the video, internet detectives found out his real name was William Holte. Some folks pried a bit deeper and discovered that he is allegedly related to Patti LaBelle. If you search his name on Google, before you even click search, it brings him up as Patti’s son, though later research revealed that he is actually her nephew.

These strange antics don’t appear to be anything new for Holte. Apparently, he’s written a few articles on Medium complaining about the feminism movement and anti-racism in the media. He also refers to himself as “the anti-feminist TV critic.”

After the embarrassing MAGA meltdown, the fake profile was deleted and Twitter cranked up the Slander-mobile and put it into sport mode, but folks are still unsure as to whether Mr. Holte actually wrote those tweets or if Dean was using Patti’s nephew as a decoy to cover up his own racist shenanigans.

It’s probably pretty likely that Patti will never respond to this mess, but you can hit the flip to see a few pictures of Patti looking glorious alongside her nephew Mr. Holte, but before you do though…

What in the world do you think was going on here? Was Mr. Holte paid to send crazy tweets from this “Dan Purdy” account or is Dean Browning just a full-on racist? Tell us in the comments below!

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