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Wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Don’t let Trump get you killed or have you killing someone else.

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COVID-19 is running rampant through America right now. Thousands of people are dying every day and millions have contracted the potentially-fatal disease. S#!t is real and people are losing loved ones. According to CNN, a woman in Birmingham, Alabama named Francesca McCall is one of those people and the implications of her loss go well beyond herself. Francesca’s sister Chantale passed away from coronavirus back in September and the sisters always promised each other that they would tend to each others’ children should anything ever happen.

Francesca, a mother of seven, is now raising TWELVE CHILDREN now that her sister is no longer with us.

“We always said that we didn’t want our kids to be separated. We wanted our kids to stay together,” McCall, 40, told CNN.

The kids range from ages 1 to 17 and Francesca is a single mother. Suffice to say, a suitable living arrangement has been difficult to find.

“We have all the boys in one room and we have all the girls in the other two rooms, so everybody’s kind of just on top of one another,” she said. “So we’ve been making the best out of the situation.”
Obviously, this is a very unique circumstance, but best believe that the McCall family is NOT the only Black family that is suffering the aftermath of losing a family member and sending life into a tailspin. It also has to be said that situations like this make the ineptitude of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, in passing a bill that will provide relief for families, disproportionately affected Black ones especially, even that much more infuriating.
Oh, and if this story wasn’t already heartbreaking, there is the fact that Chantale’s husband died from COVID almost a month to the day that she did on October 25, which would have been her 35th birthday. Lord, have mercy.
A fellow church member started a GoFundMe and if you can find it in your wallet, pocketbook, Birkin bag, and heart, consider dropping a lil’ change on the family to help them at least find a decent place to accommodate everyone better than living on top on one another.


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