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As the Trump administration draws to an embarrassing close, there are a few people who want to get what they can while the getting is good…

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One of those people is “Tiger King” Joe Exotic. According to ET, the infamous animal administrator is begging newly-minted billionaire Kim Kardashian to get him a look with 55% of white women’s president in order to score a much-coveted pardon. For those living under a rock for the past year, Joe was sentenced to 22 years in the bing for hiring a hitman to murder his cat-lovin’ rival Carole Baskin.

Here is an excerpt from the hand-written letter he scribed from his prison cell:

“I know you have never met me and may never want to however I do believe that you hold the values of our justice system dear to your heart,” Joe writes in the letter dated Nov. 4. “I am writing you this letter not as Joe Exotic but as the person Joseph Maldonado-Passage, asking you to please help me by just taking 10 minutes out of your life and placing a call to President Trump to look at my 257 page pardon it’s all the evidence I’m innocent and ask him to sign my pardon so I can return home to [my husband] Dillon [Passage] and my father.”

The 40-year-old reality TV maven does have the power to help Joe out of the clanker. Kim successfully lobbied for the pardon of Alice Marie Johnson back in 2018. Johnson was granted clemency by the Cheeto-In-Chief after serving a life sentence without parole for drug offenses she did not commit.

It appears Kimmy’s a fan of Exotic’s famed Netflix docuseries, Tiger King, too. Kardashian and her friend Jonathan Cheban dressed up as Baskin and Joe Exotic for Halloween, while her four adorable kids went as tigers. She even tweeted about the show back in March.

Anyways… Joe’s sob story letter continues going into detail about his “57 years of work” at his shady animal kingdom, his dead mother, and his dying father. Thing is, there are LOTS of criminals in prison with dying family members. That has zero bearings on their sentence, their guilt, nor restorative justice. With all due respect to the innocent family, boo-hoo muthaf***a. If Kim should be working on getting anyone out of prison it is Black people who have been imprisoned for marijuana possession and sales. Not some flamboyant cat captor who misses his poached pets.

Joe’s reps have been campaigning for a pardon for a minute now according to the NY Post — reportedly spending $10,000 to make it happen.

Exotic recently penned another letter to Fox 23 in Oklahoma, begging for Gov. Kevin Stitt to support his request.

“I am not only asking President Trump for an immediate pardon, but I am asking Governor Stitt to place a call to President Trump and ask him to sign my pardon,” he wrote.


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