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“Power Book II: Ghost” is heating up!

Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

Fans are still buzzing over “Power Book II: Ghost” that delivered its best episode to date with all the twists, turns and messy shenanigans that made the original series so popular.

So far, we’ve grown to like the once HATED Tariq who continues to maneuver through dangerous waters filled with slimy, unsavory and murderous characters who, based on what we know, will only get worse.

This week, we see the return of 2-Bit, Cane’s slow-burn evolution into Kanan (who we suspect is his real father) after being kicked out of Monet’s inner-circle and Tariq juggling multiple women which we know ends terribly.

There’s also the case of Brayden reconsidering the dope game but its 2-Bit demanding cash from Tariq as part of his father’s promise to take care of him for knocking off Dre in jail that sets the tone for ‘Riq’s biggest test as his father’s son.

And, based on what we know about ‘Riq, we think he could get 2-Bit his cash. It’s just that he doesn’t have much cash which leads him to make a deal with dope bae Effie. Naturally, they make a killing and have the secks in a questionable move that might get ‘Riq caught up.

At this point, he should know he can’t trust her but clearly didn’t learn from her betrayal in “Power” and gets into it with Brayden who learned about Riq’s side-hustle from her–a side-hustle he straight up lied about.

But wait, there’s more: Cane attempts (and fails) to knock off Tariq while proving he can’t be controlled by Monet anymore and she knows this.

This development does two things: 1) forces Monet to remove Cane from the family organization and 2) sets in motion an alliance between ‘Riq and Monet who tells him she’ll understand if he has to take out Cane.

Whew, it’s all very entertaining with other interesting subplots like Zeke & Carrie’s smashship, Cane’s GTG problem and Jabari’s jealously.

Are you officially a Power Book believer after this episode? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from the latest episode on the flip.

“My boy Tariq was in full skip to my Lou mode after that 1st night with Effie” – haaaaa

“The hit man following Tariq” – bruhhh

“Cane when Tariq came back to the gym” – the disappointment

“different characters same vibes” – accurate

“Tariq walked into the gym like: #PowerGhost” – shole did

“This was Zeke and he ain’t even got shot. He ain’t built for the streets” – it is what it is

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“Effie came thru Stansfield with the yayo like…” – she’s been bout it

“When that gun was pointed at zeke knee:” – mannnnn

“This is what Monet looks like when she sleeps” – pettyyyy

“jabari before he steals ideas from tariq” – haaaa

“Riq in a whole love triangle out here …. you yo daddy son boyyyy” – Ghost would be proud


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