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Iggy Azalea’s Christmas conundrum with Playboi Carti apparently isn’t finished.

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As previously reported Iggy took to Twitter shortly after her baby’s father Playboi Carti dropped his Whole Lotta Red album to slam the rapper for skipping out on Christmas with their 9-month-old son Onyx.

Not only that, she specifically said Playboi was too busy celebrating at his album release party with his side chick, a woman Iggy alleges he had sex with while she was pregnant, and later shared a video of the alleged side-chick being kicked out of her house.

“Imagine not flying out your family on Christmas but you have the girl you cheated on my entire pregnancy at your album party and magically me and my son can’t come for Christmas any more? TRASH.”

Iggy also said that Playboi actually missed their son’s birth because he wanted to hang out in Philadelphia with fellow rapper Lil Uzi and play Playstation 5. She also said that for some strange reason he has yet to sign their son’s birth certificate.

“On some weirdo s***, he has still refused to sign his birth certificate. He’s 9months old. Won’t even give his son he claims to care so much about his own last name.”

Iggy initially told fans that after her public airing out of Playboi, real name Jordan Carter, that he promised to make a change and the “Whole Lotta Red” rapper even posted a pic and video of himself with their baby boy.

But….there was still some drama afoot and it once again spilled onto social media.

Iggy apparently had more words for TWO women she alleges slept with Playboi Carti.

On Sunday, Iggy called out two women she said slept with Playboi Carti while she was pregnant and who she says leaked her pregnancy to the press.


“You both were already in the mix in December while I was five months pregnant and you very much knew that this man had a full girlfriend, lived in a house with her, and was having a boy. Y’all both knew that.”

She then went on to go toe to toe with someone defending one of the alleged side chicks on Twitter.

On Monday while dissing Iggy for “hating on Black women”, someone said that Iggy was trying to “copy Black women’s features.”

Iggy then clapped back with alleged facts about one of the women involved with her baby daddy.

“I have to raise my son with this man. You’re in the mix of someone’s family situation talking about how I parent etc. y’all don’t know s*** about that. Continue letting your friend be played for as long as she can cause me being done with him doesn’t mean the other girls are too.

On top of that, she’s still as I type not even the only other woman currently involved with him, just the only one who decided to volunteer her own name to the public & repeat the “crazy baby momma” story. I understand y’all are young but that’s rarely ever true for most women. All I said was “his side chick. It’s not my issue that your friend has enough s*** online to make fans be able to put it together & speculate.”



The person also asked Iggy if she was “proud of herself” for exposing the alleged side chick and “slut-shaming” her. Iggy clapped back and said she was. 

“You could have stayed silent and left it be, because the issue was about him doing my son dirty. She made the choice to say “it’s me! When I tweeted my issues with him there were 3 or 4 viral tweets about who people thought it could be. YOUR friend was the only one that wanted to step up and confirm. And it became a bigger issue when you start saying I use my child as a pawn & reposting doctored racial slurs.”

“Again, your friend was asking for it to be posted when she said a bunch of s*** that wasn’t honest knowing she was filmed. I thought it wasn’t her being slut-shamed tho? Weren’t y’all just saying it’s NOT a video of her being kicked out. Yes, I did enjoy showing the world.

Your girl chose to expose her own self and now y’all mad the Internet doesn’t agree with your “side”. Bloop! Not my issue but I hope you have a lovely day.”

Iggy’s seemingly in much better spirits and has moved on to tweeting about things like her son being a happy baby and him giving her kisses.

What do YOU think about Iggy’s seemingly ongoing issues with her ex’s groupies???


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