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Just when we thought the now legendary #BussitChallenge was over, Jordyn Woods came though with a buzzer-beating booty meat bonanza that sent the internet into a frenzy while securing her spot in the Top 2 with our God niece Chloe Bailey.

These spectacular p-pops came weeks after Jordyn started dating $100 million Timberwolf Karl-Anthony Towns who’s enjoying every moment with Her Royal Thighness who barely posts thirst traps anymore as a boo’d up woman.

“It’s cool to have a partner that supports you and wants you to be the best version of you and wants you to be a businesswoman,” she said in an interview with Page Six. “A lot people in the world don’t want to see you succeed, and to have someone in your corner that wants to see you succeed is pretty awesome.”

“He sees my vision, and he’s super supportive,” she said. “It’s amazing to have people in your life that support you through whatever, and they’re there to uplift you, and help you through your journey. We’re very open about it. We talk about everything.”

Thankfully for us, she hopped on the super-viral #BussitChallenge inspired by Queen Bussette Erica Banks who delivered a glorious display of strong-kneed twerkery with her p-poppingly delicious twerk anthem “Buss It.”

The 20-something Dallas diva deservedly inked a deal with Warner Records after signing to 1501 Certified Entertainment–the fastest-growing Independent label in the country responsible for Megan Thee Stallion.

“Some people got the look but not the sound. Some people got the sound but not the look,” she explains, “but with me having both, it makes people stop and pay attention to what I got going on.”

Who has your vote for the #BussitChallenge crown? Tell us down below and peep ALL the winners on the flip.

As of right now, Chloe and Jordyn are co-winners of the crown

“Jordyn woods buss it challenge” – instant classic

“y’all mind if i leave this here?” – thank you for your service

“My friend making me post this” – so glad she did

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“#BussItChallenge” – OH MY!

“Brought out the Megan knees today” – and we appreciate you

“#BussItChallenge PeachFace throwing a kiss” – we love to see it


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