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If you haven’t already been watching BBC America’s new series “The Watch” we HIGHLY suggest you catch up!

Richard Dormer and Lara Rossi star on BBC America's The Watch

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The show revolves around The City Watch, an unlikely group of misfits, who are on a quest to solve the mystery of an outlaw they long believed was dead who has resurfaced in the city, a place where criminals are largely protected by guilds. The series pits trolls, werewolves, wizards and other improbable heroes against an evil plot to resurrect a great dragon, which would lead to the destruction of life as they know it. From lead writer and executive producer Simon Allen, the modern and inclusive series is inspired by many of Sir Terry Pratchett’s famous “Discworld” creations including City Watch leader Captain Sam Vines.

We spoke with one of the show’s stars, Lara Rossi about the series. Check out our interview below:

BOSSIP: Tell us about your character Lady Sybil Ramkin.

Lara Rossi: She’s the last member of nobility. She is not interested in the fact that she lives in a city where crime is legal and is personally affected by the quotas and people having to be assassinated for no reason so she goes off alone. She is full of anger which she transforms to patience because she thinks that she can rehabilitate criminals and she is thinking that is a legitimate occupation. She is wild and wonderfully fun and funny and she is messy. I love her sense of this driving force that there is right or there is wrong. And that it’s her way or no way. Which is kind of how I live my life really. It was a genuine gift to play such a role.

What was most exciting about “The Watch” for you?

LR: What’s really exciting about the show is its about a bunch of people who are in their own little worlds and have their own concerns and they all come together to thrive through hard work, they all eventually see each other, and see there is a future in standing up for each other and believe in something bigger than themselves. That was the most exciting to me about reading the script and I hope that will be the same for audiences. It’s very representative of the way we live now and how we live.

How do you think “The Watch” is reflective of the times today?

We are living in a very divided world. Incredibly so. I think we have come to a point where we think we can give ourselves a pat on the back because we are giving space, but we are not there yet at all. I think you can see that in our politics and as soon as you go away from the way we are living in the Western world and see the way others are living in the rest of the world, things are not equal. We are divided.

How do the elements of magic move the plot along?

It’s the story of humanity. It’s a fantasy, a playground where you can play with the idea of being without really all the restrictions of the real world so you get to go a bit further and actually have bigger quests so that you’ll want to investigate bigger.

Lady Ramkin has a pet dragon, how did you guys recreate the scenes with him?

Good Boy. It is an actual little doll that lives in my lapel. In general we work very little with green screens. We are trying to go for a more analog approach so when Good Boy becomes bigger that is all special effects. That was really fun to have my own best friend basically. I was so grateful to the effects team for making him for me.

Lady Ramkin is always switching up her wigs, did you get to give input about her evolving look?

I’m really into hair in general. I’ve been wearing different kinda of wigs and I make my own wigs as well. As soon as I read she was involved with wigs and they fall off her every now and then I was like “This is my lady!” I was very excited to talk to the makeup team and say, ‘Hey I know a little about this, do you mind if I give a little input?’ And they were welcoming. So one of the things I really wanted was for her to always have this wig on and for them to be mostly about the same color. I loved the idea that there would be a continuity of color, but for them to be different shapes and sizes so she does not hide that she is wearing a wig at all. She’s lost her hair due to Good Boy so she decides to get on with it. Its better that she moved on with her hair loss and she takes it in stride.

Are you excited for your friends and family to see you on “The Watch”?

I can’t wait to see how it is perceived. I’m extremely shy. I don’t do much of the “watch me,” but I have been talking about this project, because I am actually quite proud of it.

What would be your biggest wish for 2021?

To be united again. I just want us to stand united in every way. Physically mentally spiritually.

We love it. Make sure to check out “The Watch” on BBC America Sunday nights at 8pm EST.



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