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Postal Hearing at House Oversight

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Say what you will about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but she stands on what she believes in, unequivocally. Sadly, in today’s political climate, steely resolve just might get you killed because the former president consistently sought to animate his white terrorist supporters to “fight like hell”. Being that many of these people don’t have sufficient formal education (and the ones who do are just plain hateful), words like that mean only one thing to them, “by any means necessary”.

We all witnessed first-hand what means these malcontent MAGAs deem necessary on January 6 when their zaddy was in the final stages of officially losing an election that saw historical voter turnout by Black, brown, indigenous, and minority communities. During the riots on Capitol Hill, several of the nation’s most prominent lawmakers, like AOC, were the targets of the white mob–some of whom wished great harm and possibly death on those perceived as enemies.

The congresswoman from The Bronx previously spoke about her harrowing experience on Instagram live but wouldn’t go into details citing security concerns. Last night, with those concerns presumably alleviated, AOC again spoke on IG about her experience in greater detail. It’s some scary s#!t.


She went on to talk about being a survivor of sexual assault and the lasting trauma that it has brought into her life. She also slams her “ambitious” colleagues who want power so badly that they will lend credence to Donald Trump, his lunatic base, and the provably false conspiracies that they propagate.


Rep. Katie Porter also spoke about what it was like to hide out with AOC on the day that both thought they might die at the hands of one of 55% of white women’s president’s men…


Regardless of what you think about politics, politicians, and “the liberal left”, everyone should be on-board with providing basic safety for elected officials and every other American.


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