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Things are looking up for Ray J and Princess Love.

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It’s been a wild year or so for married reality tv stars Ray J and Princess Love — but are they on the brink of REALLY resolving their relationship issues? There may be a glimmer of hope according to Ray J.

Are months of not cohabitating under the same roof and Princess filing for divorce, the Norwood are now living together and they’ve moved to Miami. Ray J revealed the change of scenery in an interview with TMZ, giving updates on their relationship.

“Well we are together, are we ‘back together’? I think that’s just a journey we have to take but I think we are together. I think we both have a different outlook on life, so God is good. we taking it one day at a time. Now i think it’s just figuring out how to keep it consistent because… I think we’re meant to be together.”

In an exclusive interview with E!, the 40-year-old entrepreneur and singer also cited his kids as the reason behind his indecision to move forward with their divorce. Ray J revealed that his time apart from his family while filming the new season of VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Editionput everything into perspective.

“I never want to be without my kids,” he continued. “I felt like I needed some time to myself though….After a couple of days, I really started to miss my family and miss the time with them so it was hard for me, really, really hard.”

“I think it’s really important and I think the parents have to be there because the kids learn from you,” he continued. “They listen to you. They’re watching you and everything you do and they’re copying it. It’s the most important thing for me so if I have to sacrifice my happiness for my kids’ happiness, I’ll do that every time and hopefully, doing that will bring more happiness to me and bring blessings to me because of my intent.”

Princess first brought up divorce talk back in 2019 after she accused Ray J of leaving her in a hotel suite to party with prostitutes. Back in December, a video surfaced of Ray J and Sarah Oliver (former Bad Girls Club star) canoodling as the 32-year-old live-streamed from her phone. The casual daters shared a kiss on the same live-stream. Princess has never commented on this at all.

Legally, these two are still married. Are you shocked they’re reconciling?



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