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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a controversial (see: incorrigible) Married At First Sight participant dropped a bomb that’s been teased all season. As previously reported, #MAFS fans have watched recently engaged Chris Williams, 27, essentially waste the time of 25-year-old accountant Paige Banks.

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At their wedding, he asked his wife if she was a virgin and later told Paige’s bridesmaids that she’s not the “pretty, prissy” type he’s used to or “wanted.” Despite not “wanting her”, Chris slept with Paige TWICE on the wedding night before telling her he “wasn’t attracted to her.” Chris made the lack of attraction revelation after ghosting his bride for HOURS under the guise that he was going to get them breakfast.

On Wednesday’s episode, however, things reached even more ridiculous levels when Chris revealed that his ex is 6 weeks PREGNANT with his child. According to Chris he and his ex-fiancée broke up in May (he wed Paige in August) but they hooked up again after their split. He also claimed that he “just found out” the news.

“I got a lot of s–t going on, I found out some information this morning it is, I won’t say devastating but it’s something I have to deal with,” Chris told Paige initially refusing to reveal the news.

After some urging from Married At First Sight producers, Chris pulled his bride into a hotel bathroom and confessed the shocking info. Needless to say, Paige was devastated and she confided in fellow participant Briana.

Chris later apologized to Paige at dinner and offered her a rose.

“I owe you an apology for probably the roughest first week to a relationship you probably ever had,” said Chris. “You got two big hits, day after the wedding and today. You deserve way better than what was dished out to you, and me as a husband, I want to work stuff out, but I want to hear from you and hear what you have to say.”

“It was heavy on me, very heavy,” said Paige. “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do at this point, and I don’t know.”


Paige also added that she’s not sure she’s ready to pull the plug on the marriage because “God brought her here for a reason” and “God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

Oh, Paige. Sweet, sweet Paige.

MAFS alumna/ “Unfiltered” host Jamie Otis weighed in on what happened to Paige and URGED her to take this opportunity to run for the hills.

“I feel so bad bc I think Paige has been staying with Chris believing God brought them together. There is not a chance God wants her to stay in a marriage filled with deceit, lies, gas lighting…🚩🚩🚩 Not.a.chance!🚩 Girl, it’s ok to leave!🙏🏼 THIS IS YOUR OUT! Take it and RUN!!! 🏃🏼‍♀️”

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What do YOU think about Chris Williams’ big baby revelation on Married At First Sight??? Shouldn’t Paige pull the plug on her marriage???


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