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“Whatever you wanna do, bro!” those were the words said by a frustrated Married At First Sight participant who once again made jaws drop with his erratic and disrespectful behavior.

On Wednesday’s episode of MAFS, viewers saw the final days of the Vegas honeymoons that ended in a HUGE blowup. At the center of said blowup was (of course) Chris Williams who threw a temper tantrum after being peppered with questions in light of THAT big baby reveal.

Chris Williams x Married At First Sight

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As previously reported Chris is arguably the most controversial participant in MAFS history and he’s been paired with Paige Banks, a woman fans think is being tormented and manipulated in their marriage by his outlandish behavior. Chris who was recently engaged three months ago asked Paige inappropriate questions at their wedding, slept with her twice before saying he’s “not attracted to her” and revealed that his ex-fiancee is six weeks pregnant with his child. The “entrepreneur” revealed the news during their honeymoon and Paige and the rest of the MAFS participants were rightfully shocked.

On Wednesday we saw the continuation of that shock as two of #MAFS brides, Clara and Virginia, questioned Chris about the baby news while saying that they were being protective of Paige. According to Chris, they were really just trying to “get in his business” and he threw a temper tantrum aimed at Virginia in particular.

“I don’t owe you a f****g explanation,” said Chris.

Later he continued his rant on a ride back to the hotel before a HUGE blowup at dinner after Virginia’s husband Erik tried to “establish boundaries with Chris” and told him that he can “never speak to his wife like that again.”

Erik also said that Chris was “scaring” Virginia—but Chris wasn’t having it. He pointed out that he was still pissed that Virginia previously asked if the pregnant ex’s child was his and he was “tired of the bulls***.” He then stood up as though he wanted to fight the pilot and fellow #MAFS husband Vincent pushed him away.


That’s not all however, the following day after cooling off Chris was seen talking to his wife Paige about his ex and he confessed that he “still loves her.”

“I’m not going to say that I’m not concerned about raising a child with someone in separate homes,” said Chris.

When asked if he would get back with the ex, Chris confessed;

“That thought has crossed my mind. The conversation has arose [sic] about what parenting together looks like including getting back together cause I still love her.”

Of course, social media was PISSED to see yet another moment of disappointment for Paige who came into this marriage led by her faith, without baggage, and with hopes for a happy ending, one that clearly isn’t coming from a paltry possible narcissist looking for 15 minutes of fame.

What do YOU think about Chris’ latest #MAFS antics?

Chris MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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Run for the hills Paige, this is ridiculous.



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