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Now, this is just ridiculous…

Chris Williams x Married At First Sight

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After already spiking people’s blood pressure with his egregiously obnoxious actions at his wedding, a Married At First Sight cast member got dragged on social media for acting even WORSE on his wedding night.

As previously reported Chris Williams, a 27-year-old Subway restaurant owner who was engaged just 3 months before filming, was paired with Paige Banks, 25, a well-grounded accountant who’s independent and owns her own home.

Although we’re only a few episodes in, fans have been BIG mad to see Chris exhibit some problematic behavior. He asked his wife at the wedding if she was a virgin and if she was on birth control…

and he told her friends that Paige wasn’t the “pretty, prissy” type he’s used to or “wanted”, but someone “he needs.”


There are also rumblings that Chris’s very recent ex is pregnant with his child and the pregnancy revelation will play out on the show.  

On Wednesday, Chris’s abhorrent behavior reached a fever pitch when Paige revealed that they had sex on their wedding night AND the morning after, but Chris ultimately told her he “wasn’t attracted to her.” He dropped that bomb after disappearing for HOURS and “suffering a panic attack” over the revelation.



The moment caused social media to erupt with criticism and wonder (once again) why Chris was even cast in the first place.

As previously reported, MAFS expert Pastor Cal is adamant that Chris Williams wasn’t put on the show “for ratings” and told a fan that “people surprise us”, hinting that Chris began to act differently when filming started.


Is Chris the worst #MAFS husband we’ve ever seen? He’s definitely in the running.


If you need a palette cleanser from Chris’ shady shenanigans, the new season of Couples Cam starts tonight and features TWO new MAFS success stories; Woody and Amani and Miles and Karen!

Woody & Amani

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Miles & Karen

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The couples will be featured alongside the likes of their fellow NOLA couple Bennett and Amelia, as well as Ashley and Anthony (S5), Shawniece and Jephte (S6), (Parents to be) Greg and Deonna (S9), and Beth and Jamie (S9).

The new season of Couples Cam premieres TONIGHT, February 4th at 8 pm ET/PT.


Ahead of that, we’ll be chatting with these Couples Cam freshmen during our #RealityRecap on our @BossipOfficial Instagram TONIGHT, February 4 at 6:30 and 7 p.m. EST. 

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