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We shouldn’t have even expected Florida to play by the rules…

Vanessa Baugh

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Florida never misses an opportunity to be exactly who they are. According to a CNN report, a Manatee County commissioner named Vanessa Baugh decided that folks who don’t make a certain amount of money don’t deserve health before the privileged. Yesterday, Baugh admitted that she finagled the system to ensure that the two richest zip codes in the county had access to the potentially life-saving COVID-19 vaccine before everyone else. In her words, she, “wanted to make sure certain people were on the list.”

Dusty a$$.

In a public county commissioner meeting on Thursday, Baugh apologized for the criticism regarding the “pop-up” vaccination site, but said that if presented with the opportunity again, “I will do exactly what I did this time.” Baugh further explained that she “did exactly what (DeSantis) wanted” in organizing the vaccine drive.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Florida Governor Rick DeSantis going under a bus. The announcement of the vaccine drive stated that the goal was to administer 3,000 shots in 3 days. The reporting reveals that emails were sent by County Administrator Cheri Coryea to Baugh imploring her to choose people at random as the county had previously been doing. Baugh wasn’t trying to hear it. She subsequently asked that she and several others be allowed to cut the “VIP” line to get vaccined-up.

The drive was engineered around two zip codes 34202 and 34211. Both have the highest median family income in the county and are, wait for it, predominantly white. *gasp*




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