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Resist Charlottesville Rally

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White Nationalist Running for President Arrested for Kidnapping and Domestic Violence

Yes, you read the headline correctly, and yes it’s straight out of the southern part of the United State non-other than Florida. The campaign platform for Augustus Sol Invictus, said only white men should be allowed to vote and own property. Yet the public display of ignorance and hatred didn’t start on his campaign trail, Invictus headlined the violent Charlottesville rally, which gathered hundreds of racist white nationalist in Virginia and ended with bloodshed. He even wrote the statement of purpose for rally organizers so they could obtain permits for the event. If there was ever a person who should be far away from politics and the general public it would be this guy. By day he is an attorney who legally changed his name from Austin Gillespie to a Latin phrase meaning “majestic unconquered sun,” because like all racist stealing from other cultures is their favorite past time.

Back in August, he released a video stating that he’s running for president as a Republican. It may seem like he has no chance in hell of winning but according to Vice he has run for office before and had moderate success in his endeavors.

In 2016, Invictus ran for U.S. Senate in a bid to unseat Republican Sen. Marco Rubio but failed to secure the support of Florida’s Libertarian Party. His short-lived campaign drew national attention when he was forced to admit he’d slaughtered a goat and drank its blood as part of a pagan ritual a few years earlier. Still, 1,063 people voted for him in the Sunshine State’s Libertarian Party primary.

Even with all his public acts of racism and hatred, plus hosting an event that turned out to be a riot, he was left free on the streets to eventually harm others.

Spoiler Alert: He did eventually harm others and was finally taken off the streets with his political hopes crushed, for now. 

This week Invictus was arrested by deputies from Brevard County Sheriff’s Department on an outstanding warrant from South Carolina. Law enforcement has kept the details under wraps but the internet has found an article from detailing a situation with an ex-girlfriend.

In the police report filed by her, she details a series of events where he verbally, physically and sexually assaults her. One person was free for almost three years while being wanted and able to organize rallies, spewing hate speech, recruit others to join him all while running for office. Let that sink in.

While we love to blame Florida this sadly is another case of white privilege that runs rapidly throughout America.



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