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“I would not have such a smooth forehead and a round a** if I was as miserable as Kenya…”

Porsha Williams is none too pleased by a fellow #RHOA housewife who held “Bolo Court” after Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. As previously reported Sunday’s (super-sized) episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta centered around the dungeon-themed affair hosted by Kandi who brought Bolo The Entertainer [“and his thaaaang”] to entertain the ladies.

After the RHOA production team left, “Bolo After Dark” apparently took place, and things heated up further. Porsha and newbie LaToya Ali made out, Drew Sidora got another dance from Bolo who put her face down on a coffee table and the ladies stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.


After Bolo left at 7:00 a.m., Kenya Moore dropped a bomb and said she heard “sex sounds” coming out of a bedroom from two women who were sleeping with the exotic dancer. She then was a MAJOR buzz kill and conducted”Bolo Court” to find out “who screwed the stripper” before saying in a confessional that she KNOWS Porsha was one of the women involved [after listening for “45 minutes” at that] and recognizing her voice.

Later, Tanya’s name was thrown in the mix and the peeved and classy Canadian stopped filming the show soon after.

According to Porsha however, Kenya’s entire snitch session was just about Kenya trying to get a reaction out of her after she ignored the housewife’s previous insults.

“She had been doing things to pick at me,” said Porsha during the #RHOA After Show. “I started feeling little stings here and there that I wasn’t really reacting to, so I think by that time she was like, ‘Oh this will be the thing!’ This will be the thing that I’ll be able to get her to react or maybe just even get me to engage because honestly, I had not really engaged with her.”

Porsha added that she empathized with her friend Tanya’s reaction to Kenya “lying on her” because it took Porsha years to be unbothered by the shade…

“So by the time this happened and the girls explained it to me the way she was laying it out, I was like, ‘Okay here we go!’ This is where she wants her finale to happen and I’m not gonna give it to her. But I understood how Tanya felt because it’s been years of me dealing with Kenya to get to this space, so I couldn’t really judge the fact that Tanya was upset about her lying on her like that. I had to just let her be pissed about it, I had to let her have her natural reaction to somebody making up something and telling the girls.

and Porsha ended with THIS note about Kenya being miserable.

“She just does not affect me, it’s literally like a bubble around me, and her negativity does not affect me,” said Porsha on the #RHOA after show. “And so I just kind of felt like in the past I’ve always given her the power, I’ve given her the energy I’ve decided to engage and there’s nothing but negativity there. I would not have such a smooth forehead and a round a** if I was as miserable as Kenya and that is why she has lumps and that is why her mouth is twisted and you can drive the bus we were on through the dents in her butt and in her face. You know so for me I’d just rather have my smile lines go up than to be dealing with negativity in my life.”


Porsha isn’t the only one disappointed by Kenya’s Bolo Court conundrum, “Mistress Angel” Kandi also said she was thrown off when Kenya decided to bring up what happened off-camera.

“When they started talking about the things that happened after the cameras went down, I was kind of caught off guard like, ‘Whoa are we discussing that?!'” said Kandi during the #RHOA After Show. “I’m a very open persona and just put all my business out there but all the girls arent’ necessarily like that, for me I was just saying what happens here stays here. I guess Kenya’s whole opinion was, if it had been her, they definitely would’ve drug her.

I don’t have to speak on what other people have going on,” she added when pressed by LaToya Ali about her allegedly hearing “sex sounds” as well. “If I’m not there. Why am I speaking on it?”


In related news, Kenya KNOWS you think she was just jealous that Bolo [and his thaaang] allegedly only had eyes for Porsha, and she told The RHOA After Show all about it.

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