27th Annual Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Features Diverse Cast Of Actors

Lakeith Stanfield Tells Vanity Fair About On Set Panic Attack For Hollywood Issue That Also Includes Zendaya, Michael B. Jordan, Spike Lee And Michaela Coel

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Michaela Coel on how her fan run-ins have changed during the pandemic

“I’ve had moments of getting slightly teary with a stranger on the street and sort of wishing you could hug,” says Coel. “But you can’t hug. So we sort of just do this thing where we put our fingers where they almost touch. It’s quite cute.”

We just read that in her accent! Michaela is a genius and we’re glad that she’s being recognized. “I May Destroy You” dealt with some really complicated, deeply traumatic issues but it was so well done. Kudos for her doing things her way too!

LaKeith Stanfield on the opportunity for the industry to grow

The upheaval of the past many months—and the undeniable wreckage that the new administration in Washington has begun addressing—does present a chance for growth. “It’s an opportunity for people, when you start to critically analyze those things,” says Stanfeld. “Like, what kind of world do we want to live in? We can start re-creating it now. Sometimes the hard battles are the things that are worth it.”

…on the panic attack he experienced on the set of Judas and the Judas and the Black Messiah

“I ran out the trailer, saying, ‘I can’t! I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing even by playing this person,’ ” says the actor. But Stanfield knew the movie’s message was urgent: “There’s a lot of people rising up against things that they find oppressive. What side of the fence do you find yourself on?”

Sheesh. We knew Lakeith struggled with that role but didn’t realize he had a breakdown like that on set. We hope he’s able to make peace with it but we know it’s likely people will associate him with his character for a long time to come. Prayers up.

We love the hair we did for Maya Rudolph’s shoot! Kind of reminds us of the Queen in “Bridgerton”.

Maya Rudolph on her return to Saturday Night Live

“I’m now an elder,” says Maya Rudolph of her return to Saturday Night Live to play Vice President Kamala Harris. “I’m now one of the elder women in the tribe, imparting wisdom.” The actor, producer, and writer’s homecoming has brought laughter and insight to a bonkers political landscape. “I remember when Trump hosted for the first time for The “Apprentice,” and we, as a cast, were like, ‘Fu**. This sucks. I don’t want to be here for this.’ ”

Hilarious. That’s so dope that she remembers that experience. Then again that’s how you know it had to be REALLY bad.

P.S. We love the hair we did for Maya Rudolph’s shoot! Kind of reminds us of the Queen in “Bridgerton”.

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