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Thought an ashy rapper with six baby mamas said something?

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey

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Y’all… While Boosie was squawking about Lori Harvey’s body count, she and Michael B. Jordan have been too deep in their love to pay attention.

On Monday Harvey shared details from the couple’s first Valentine’s Day date — which proved to be a truly romantic occasion. The actor/producer/director rented out the aquarium, gifted Lori with a stuffed turtle as a nod to his nickname for her, arranged for a private Nobu dinner in one of the aquarium’s underwater tunnels then arranged for a florals filled hotel suite and capped the special night off by gifting her stock in Hermes. Now that’s love!

Tuesday, Harvey shared a look at her stunning mirrored Atelier Zuhra dress, Hermes bag and Amina Muaddi heels…

Beautiful but you know we were craving more photos of her and her photogenic beaux… Thankfully MBJ had us covered and shared a pair of pictures from their date night. Captioning the photos, “I love you baby” with a black heart emoji.

If the actor heard any of the controversy over Boosie’s opinion that he is a “simp” for taking Harvey seriously despite her “body count,” it didn’t stop him from openly sharing his love. Gotta love a man who goes hard for his woman, riiight?!

Also, the smiles on the second slide are so contagious!

Lori seems just as smitten as her boo too! Homegirl also posted a set of photos from their Valentine’s date night where they both look completely giddy and head over heels in love.

“All smiles 🥰,” she captioned the bunned up display.

It’s hard to even look at these photos without feeling the love.

Meanwhile Boosie hasn’t let up on the onslaught against Lori — who is 24 by the way. Like can she LIVE?! Sheesh.

In a new post on Instagram captioned “fu** yall I said what I said,” Boosie DOUBLED DOWN on his comments.

“I wake up to all these Lori Harvey fans on my a**…talkin’ bout’ I’m hating on Lori,” Boosie said, talking into his phone’s camera from the front seat of his car. “Why would I wanna hate on Lori for? I just say y’all got it fu**ed up saying ‘Let’s go!’ If you sayin’ ‘let’s go’ that means you want your daughter to fu** seven or eight, nine n***as in a couple months…in the industry.”

“If that’s cool with you, for your daughter doing that…then I can’t say sh**,” the rapper continued. “But what’s wrong with y’all motherfu**ers is…y’all salute the woman who get passed around, but y’all dog the woman who stick by they n***a when they n***a fuck over. Y’all dog the real b****es who stick by they n***a, but y’all salute the b*****s who go from hand to hand. The world fu**ed up.”

In case you were wondering about Boosie’s loyalties, just know the 38-year-old rapper has eight children by six different women.

Boosie didn’t stop with his vlog either.

He posted this note saying “All the hoes mad at me n all the real women saluting me!! Guess I’m even.”

He captioned the note image:

👍👍👍 they really got women who telling me they want they daughter passed around LORI IS REALLY GOALS TO THEM smh THESE MFS FEELI GS HURT WITH THIS ONE 🔥🔥they gone go to they grave thanking bout BOOSIE WITH THIS ONE 👍n y’all thank rappers take trip with b****es n don’t fu** 🔥y’all livin n a fake world u thinking like that smh

SMH… Seems like he should focus on his own children and let grown folks do what they do. Mind your business Boosie! We’re gonna just keep celebrating this black love.


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