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UPDATED: 8:44 A.M. ET, Mar 4th 2021 —

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Well, well, well. What has SZA gotten herself into today? The (supposedly) 30-year-old singer is being called out by fans for, frankly, being a “liar.” Actual fans of hers chose this fine Wednesday to reflect on times they felt SZA lied to their faces, at least through social media and interviews. The tweets are golden!

It’s hard to tell if this is being done in jest, but we think it is because there’s NO WAY you can read these allegations without bursting out a smirk. It all started when a Twitter user @AStrangerNobody created a thread of “proof” that SZA told ridiculous white lies. Some of the allegations include her “lying” about mundane things like her hair being real or her freckles and others, well…scroll down and see!

Apparently, there’s proof of SZA having a TV after she tweeted she “never” had a TV and things just go down a hilarious hill from there.

Fans also allege that the singer’s lying about her age in regards to a fling with Drake?  Last year fans went berzerk when the “Broken Clocks” singer revealed that she actually had a brief fling with the “6 God” in 2009, but social media critics are now questioning if the year was true or if SZA was underage at the time of their canoodling. We can’t make this stuff up!

Either way, the chatter that’s now surfacing online about SZA is hilarious and quite odd, to say the least.

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