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“I’ve been nothing but honest and respectful with her…”—a liar.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

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Married At First Sight fans were elated to see progress last night with a wife who got “the short end of the stick” when it came to her match. On Wednesday Paige Banks had enough of her manipulative match Chris Williams’ egregiously gross antics and agreed to end their marriage. Paige did so, in a shocking way, however, after meeting with Chris and his pregnant ex-fiancée Mercedes.

As previously reported, the issues in Paige and Chris’s ill-matched marriage reached a fever pitch when Chris revealed that Mercedes, his ex of three months ago “who he’s still in love with”, is 6 weeks pregnant with his child.

Calling it a chance to “take back her power”, Paige met with Chris and Mercedes and laid it all out there.

Mercedes who revealed she was closer to 7 weeks along in her pregnancy was calm and empathetic towards Paige while noting that she too was confused.

“First and foremost I just want to let you know that I have no ill feelings towards you at all,” said Mercedes while telling Paige that she had no idea Chris even signed up for MAFS. “I think I was more confused, I’m still confused, there’s a lot of confusion.”

Chris then hopped in and said he wanted the two to meet up to “get clarity” and Paige told Mercedes that she was an “open book” and ready to answer any questions.

After telling Mercedes that she too was confused by Chris, in particular, because of the timeline of his actions, Paige brought up the unprotected sex she was constantly having “every day” with the entrepreneur.

Paige: “At one point in time it was my own fear that I could’ve been pregnant as well.”

Mercedes: “Pregnant by who?”

Mercedes later told producers off-camera that Chris never shared those details with her.

“So Chris did tell me that they were intimate but someone possibly being pregnant, that’s a whole different type of intimacy,” said a stunned Mercedes. “He didn’t tell me about that.”

A flabbergasted Mercedes then laughed in Chris’s face, Paige called Chris’s actions “duplicitous” and ultimately Mercedes had some news of her own; she’s not interested in reconciling with the defunct Subway restaurant owner. Mind you rumors are swirling that the two did indeed reconcile, but that’s as of yet unconfirmed.

“I know Chris has alluded to the fact that we may be trying to work things out and I wanted to make it very clear, me and him working it out that’s not my intentions at all,” said Mercedes.


That revelation caused Paige who laughed throughout her cordial convo with Mercedes to question the real reason why Chris wanted a divorce.

It also caused Twitter to erupt with laughs at Chris’s expense.

Chris later claimed that Paige was “disrespectful” despite him being “nothing but honest and respectful with her” but Paige kept cool and ultimately left.


In case you’re curious as to why Paige agreed to meet with Mercedes, it’s because she “respected the process” but she actually had no real interest in doing so.

“I was never interested in meeting with Chris’ ex-fiancée,” she told EBONY. “There was no curiosity or intrigue in it for me in the least. The only reason I even agreed to the sit down is out of respect to the process. This meeting had nothing to do with Chris. I’ve made it very clear that I’m committed to the MAFS experience and to the journey – and that’s the only reason I accepted Chris’ invite to meet the soon to be mother of his child.”

She also previously told BOSSIP her marriage to Chris was “traumatic” and clapped back at “weak-minded” shade from fans.

Paige MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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Do YOU still think Paige is “weak-minded”??? She’s clearly standing up for herself which is refreshing to see.


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