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After shocking fans by revealing that Soulja Boy once kicked her in the stomach and caused her to miscarry, Nia Riley is going into more detail about her relationship with the rapper.

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During her recent interview with Tasha K, which has now been released in full, Nia Riley opens up about what she endured during her relationship with Soulja Boy. During the conversation, which spans more than an hour, Riley shared some terrifying details about their six-year relationship, which includes posting her nudes online, the rapper beating her when the two didn’t have sex the night before, and she explains why she resented the way fans made light of the abuse they witnessed when the couple appeared on Marriage Bootcamp.

Tasha asks about an incident where Soulja put a gun to Riley’s head, which she goes on to explain:

“I wanted to leave. I was trying to leave,” she said. “I had pepper sprayed him one day, really bad. He tried to take a shower. And it f***ed him up really bad. I want to say it was the same day. He had charged at me. So I pepper sprayed him. I had it under my pillow.”

She continued, “His barber came after our whole little incident. So I said, ‘I know this n****’s haircuts take like an hour.’ I’m trying make sure he couldn’t see me from certain mirrors. And I packed my bag. It’s a crazy situation to try to get out of. So I was just sitting there, watching, watching, watching. He hadn’t moved. He didn’t get up for nothing. I got up, got my bag. I walked down stairs. And I felt him press it [the gun] against the back of my head. And I just sat down. I sat on the steps for a couple of hours. He was sitting behind me.”

“With the gun?” Tasha K asked, to which Riley replied, “Yeah. And he had friends there that would sit there and watch him. Nobody ever said anything. It was just crazy. It was something that was private and just us, if we were home. But if his friends were there, he didn’t care.”

Tasha continued, “So you mean to tell me there were grown men who were there and them n****s didn’t do s**t?”

“They didn’t do anything,” Riley said. “No one did anything. I won’t say they all enable each other but that’s how it feels.”

As for the timeline of their relationship, Nia explains that the pair first got together in 2013, and though they were still on speaking terms going into Marriage Bootcamp in 2019, that’s where their story ends. The last time she spoke to him was when the show aired.

Elsewhere in the interview, Riley also talks about the other accusers alleging Soulja Boy has abused them. Back in January the “Turn My Swag On” rapper was accused of sexual battery and assault by a former personal assistant. As we’ve previously reported, the woman alleged that the rapper held her hostage, subjected her to a hostile work environment, and failed to pay her wages.

Riley said that she hates that a lot of people don’t take the situation seriously.

“I hate the jokes sometimes,” she said. “It’s not a funny situation. These are people coming out saying he’s done this and that and people don’t believe it. Believe it. Believe it! Because it’s going to keep happening and I don’t think that’s fair.”

“Do you think people just don’t take him serious?” Tasha K asked.

In a sense I think that. But it’s not even just him” Riley explained. “Any time a guy is put on blast for doing something like this, I don’t think it’s taken serious. Or the victims are made out to be liars or you just want money. Why you just now saying something? That’s not fair. They’re victims but they’re turned into villains.”

She continued, “Me being on the show, I was the one bashed and dragged through the mud. But he’s the one cheating and got me looking crazy. But I’m the bad person. And what hurt even more is looking at women who look just like me, or like they could be in my family are talking to me like this. There was no support for me…I’ve been silent and to myself for a long time. But I needed my moment to heal. And I’m there.”

Check out the full conversation down below:



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