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Summer Walker has been mostly quiet in the past in regards to having plastic surgery. The expectant mother has made headlines over whether or not she’s opted to get work done on her face and body but now she’s once again confirming that she touched up her buttocks. While seemingly in a completely random mood to share with fans, Summer admitted in a post on her Finsta account that she has a** shots, or butt shots.

These butt shot procedures are usually illegal and consist of someone injecting material into someone’s rear end. Similar to what Cardi B has admitted to doing in a Queens basement, Summer says she’s thankful for her a** shots because she used to be skinny.

“I dead can’t believe I was this skinny lmao, Thank god for a** shots.”

This is actually the second time Summer’s admitting to knifing up her cheeks. In a 2019 Apple Music sitdown with fellow songstress Ari Lennox, Summer candidly told Ari that she got her butt done because she had a “long back.” She also allowed Ari to touch it for herself.


Summer: “I already got my a**!”

Ari: “Summer, what the f*ck! For real?”

Summer: “You wanna see?”

Ari: “Yeah! I didn’t know! You got your a**?”

“Summer: “It’s a little fat- just a little bit!”

Ari: “Can I touch this?”

Summer: “Yeah!”

Ari: “Wow! It feels lovely!”

Summer: “Thank you! You know, I didn’t wanna do too much.”

Ari: “It’s a good a**!”

Summer: I had a back, though, that ran into my a**. So it was, like, just a long back. I didn’t have much a**.”



As Summer praised her new thickness, her body has been going through even more changes as the pregnant singer preps to welcome a child. She hasn’t specified how many weeks she is along but she appears to be in her third trimester of pregnancy. The singer recently celebrated her blessing on the way with a baby shower, only posting one photo from the occasion.

In a rant, the singer expressed she was upset at people fishing for more photos of her baby shower, writing:

“Who ever posting personal pics from my baby shower you lame and who ever leaking my unreleased music you even more lame.”

The post has since been deleted, welp! Doesn’t Summer look glowing to you?


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