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“I have a perfect marriage, a perfect hairline, and three perfect children…”

Drew Sidora And LaToya Ali

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Once again we’re hearing about an alleged kiss between two #RHOA newbies.

On Sundays’ episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers will see Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali once again bump heads over their respective marriages. Drew’s still pretty pissed that LaToya made disparaging comments about her “bumping and grinding” on Bolo during that infamous #strippergate night and she issues LaToya “For Never Ever Ever” giving her a warning.

Drew: You do care because at dinner you said Drew was being inappropriate with the stripper.

LaToya: You said that I don’t honor marriage and it’s like, do you honor marriage being bumping and grinding on f****g Bolo?

Drew: That’s why yo husband trying to cancel yo a**!  Let’s not go there.

LaToya: That’s why your marriage is struggling.

Drew: I have a perfect marriage, a perfect hairline, and three perfect children. Don’t ever say my name in regards to things you don’t know for a fact!


Meanwhile, in the midst of all the arguing, allegation’s surfaced that something went down between these two freshmen housewives who act like enemies.

According to Kandi who listened during The RHOA After-Show while LaToya blasted Drew for her Bolo “behavior”, she said actually saw the two having an “intimate moment.”

“You and Drew had a moment,” said Kandi noting that the two were “cuddled up.”

“No we did not! I was in Drew’s arms cuddled up with her talking about all the drama. We were extremely close but I am not attracted to Drew!” said LaToya noting that it wasn’t sexual. “The f** is wrong with you?!”

“I coulda swore y’all kissed!” Kandi later added.

Kenya Moore later said flat out that the ladies “made out.” That would mean that LaToya kissed both Porsha and Drew that night in Charleston.

“You know what’s interesting? Latoya and Drew have like this weird, love-hate relationship. They actually were lightweight making out that night, honestly.” 


LaToya previously confirmed herself that they kissed, despite Drew making no mention of it and despite LaToya previously denying it.

“Well, let’s just see what Ralph [Drew’s husband] thinks about that,” added LaToya during the after-show. He might just flee to Florida again and have an intimate moment with somebody else.”


What’s really going on here????



You can see more possibly kissing despite their “beefing” LaToya and Drew when RHOA airs Sunday at 8/9 c on Bravo.




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