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Girl code, who said dat?!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

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On Sunday’s episode of #RHOA viewers saw a tense dinner amid Kenya Moore’s constant questioning about what went down after Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. Viewers also saw someone who was initially all about having a “judgment-free zone”, seemingly spill the beans.

As previously reported Kenya held “Bolo Court” amid claims she heard “sex noises” at 6 a.m. and multiple voices. After listening for “45 minutes” [who does that?] Kenya claimed in a confessional that she KNEW Porsha Williams was one of two women involved in “screwing the stripper” because she recognized her voice.
After Shamea Morton told Porsha and Porsha’s good girlfriend Tanya Sam that Kenya was insinuating a sex rumor involving them, a pissed-off Porsha was mostly silent at a group dinner. When she was asked to pray over the food she declined and sent daggers Kenya’s way.

Later, LaToya Ali questioned if Drew Sidora was the woman Kenya allegedly heard with Bolo, and Drew quickly denied it.

Kenya then detailed what she allegedly heard coming from the side of the house where Kandi Burruss and Porsha’s rooms were.

Kenya: “It seems, though, it was multiple people in a room, and I stood there because I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I’m hearing. I think I heard multiple women’s voices and I heard a man. […] It wasn’t Kandi because Kandi was in her room snoring.”

Porsha: “So you’re talking about me?”

Kenya: “I didn’t point any fingers at anyone.”

Porsha: “You’re talking about my room.

Kenya: “What I’m saying is I heard these noises and whatever it is, it was what it was.”

Tanya Sam then decided to try to help clear the air and she volunteered the info that she was in Porsha’s room that night. “I feel the need to dispel this,” said Tanya. “All I know is that I spent the night in this girl’s room.”

Unfortunately, Kenya took that as confirmation. “Case closed,” said Kenya.

After calling the convo a “non-issue” since it wasn’t directed at her, Porsha then got up and left the table. She later called Kenya “straight-up disrespectful” for trying to shame her.

“All this aggression and her doing everything to shame me. But girl, you can’t destroy what God has built,” said Porsha. “Good luck, b***.”

That wasn’t the most shocking part of the episode, however. After the ladies returned to ATL, someone seemingly broke girl code [again] and spilled more #strippegate deets.

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