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Mercedes got a Mercedes, and Paige got another egregiously embarrassing moment with a side of chicken and “bible study.”

Paige MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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On this week’s episode of Married At First Sight, viewers saw Paige Banks moving forward with her toxic and “traumatizing” marriage to Chris Williams despite her previously saying that their dysfunctional matrimony that includes a“lack of attraction” and a pregnant ex-fiancee, “no longer serves her.”

The “reset” couple is visited by MAFS expert Dr. Viviana to discuss their rocky relationship. According to Dr. Viviana, she’s confused by the Chris she’s seeing now because he’s different from “the Chris she matched” with Paige.

I feel like I hardly know you because the person that you were when we met—that we got to know when we matched—and the person literally once you got married and since, are so different,” says Dr. Viviana.

According to Chris, that’s untrue. He’s actually just been unfit for marriage since the jump. Furthermore, he was so overwhelmed by everything that’s transpired that he fell into a “depressive state.”

“Pre-wedding Chris is Chris since ’92, since I was born. After the wedding, filming, married, finding out [Mercedes was] pregnant, it put me in a depressive state, to be perfectly honest with you,” says Chris. “I kind of lost it. I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do, how to do it, how to make a right decision, what’s right, what’s wrong.’ I just kind of lost it.”

During that convo “Chris from ’92” also said he didn’t want to call and check-in with Paige every day because that feels “forced” (what?!) but he still wants to “date her.”


For their dates, he suggests basketball and bible study so they can bother the good Lord by bringing him into their ill-matched marriage.

Later, during the bible study session that Chris was SO EAGER to have, Chris is completely unprepared and tells Paige that he’d rather her lead the Godly discussion. After Paige begrudgingly does so, Chris drops yet another bomb; he bought his pregnant ex Mercedes a brand new car. 

“This week I bought her a brand new Benz,” said Chris. “Just so she would be comfortable driving by the time she brought the kid into the world.”

Paige looked pissed and wondered why the car had to be brand new.

“I get the transportation aspect….but a brand new car?”

According to Chris, he’s bringing a “King or Queen” into the world so the child needs to “ride in a chariot.”



Social media is unsurprised but still pissed about Chris’s continuous F-boy actions. Everyone’s also wondering why Paige is still subjecting herself to them.

******DEEP SIGH******* The secondhand embarrassment is real.


Unfortunately, there’s more torture to come, a midseason show trailer shows that Chris will say that he “loves Paige” despite him treating her like dirt.

Chris Williams x Married At First Sight

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Did YOU watch the latest episode of #MAFS??? What did YOU think about the Mercedes Benz reveal???


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