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“Why is there sex if you don’t have an attraction?!”

That’s the question a #MAFS expert asked during a shocking sit down with a couple whose marriage needs to end immediately. Married At First Sight viewers were once again in for a wild ride Wednesday concerning (of course) Chris Williams.

As previously reported the entrepreneur who was engaged three months prior to his wedding said he was looking for a “freaky submissive” wife to have up to 7 kids with and has displayed problematic and toxic behavior ever since. Chris has been wreaking havoc on his wife Paige Banks, a successful accountant seeking a happy ending.

Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

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Chris started his antics at their wedding with inappropriate questions about birth control and shade towards his new bride’s looks.

After sleeping with her twice before saying he’s “not attracted to her”  he revealed on their honeymoon that his ex-fiancee is six weeks pregnant with his child. On Wednesday however, the man who flat out told his wife that “he still loves his ex”, took things to new heights. After running off to Chicago following their honeymoon, Chris told Paige that he wants a divorce and already spoke to a divorce attorney.

“I’m just not the type that, like, fakes s—,” said Chris. “Whether the cameras are on or the cameras are off, I just gotta be one hundred, you know what I’m saying? I’m not here to waste my time or your time.”

That sent Paige who viewers have seen grounded by her faith and trying to “ride or die”, into a tailspin. After Chris broke the news to Paige and refused to let production cameras film the convo, an irate Paige (finally) went off and told producers;

“I just feel f—ing disgusted right now,” said Paige. “I feel disgusted for having any type of intimacy with this man. F— that. No. I am f—ing done, period! I’m done with this bulls—.”

“F— you, f— that b***!”

Later, during a sitdown with Pastor Cal, Paige dropped a bomb; she continued to sleep with Chris even after he dropped the baby news on her. The sex was also unprotected. 

Yes, we’re just as shocked as you to hear that.

Hit the flip for more of Paige’s confession to Pastor Cal.

Paige admitted to not only continuing to sleep with her disrespectful match, but she also added that she had sex with him “every day unprotected” following their wedding. Luckily she revealed that she was confident she wasn’t pregnant at the same time as Chris’s ex-fiancee because she recently started her menstrual cycle.


The news floored #MAFS fans who watched horrified as “master manipulator” Chris popped up during Paige’s sitdown, smirked during Pastor’s Cal questioning, and whispered to Paige that he was “scared he would fall in love with her.”

When Pastor Cal asked Chris why he continued to have sex with Paige despite him “not being attracted to her” he smirked coyly and declined to answer.


Rightfully, “Married At First Sight” fans are fed up with Chris and urging Paige to want better for herself.

Next week’s preview shows Chris, Paige, and the pregnant ex sitting down to have a conversation.


What do YOU think about the latest Chris Williams antics on “Married At First Sight”???

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