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No one should kill Sharon Osbourne for that stupid s#!t she said on The Talk last week, at least not literally. Kill her career, kill her social media mentions, kill her reputation, but not her. It’s much more devastating to have her live in a personal Hell of her own creation than to try to take her off this Earth. We want her alive and well to suffer all the consequences of her dumba$$ery.

According to TMZ, however, there are people who want Sharon Osbourne dead. The loud-and-wrong racist adjacent has hired personal security after a deluge of death threats reached her ears and eyes ever since she tried to chide her co-host Sheryl Underwood after defending her racist friend Piers Morgan.

Friend or not, if Sharon had any sense, empathy, or ability to read the room, she should have just sat there, ate her food, and let Piers flail about like the wanker that he is. But noooo, she just had to jump in the phone booth and play captain save-a-mayo. So now the question begs, was it worth it? She’s running around Hollyweird scared for her life…over Piers Morgan? Tuh.

Suffice to say, people have been very outspoken about their contempt for Ozzy’s wife on social media.

“Die and go to hell.” “F**k Sharon Osbourne, her husband, her momma, them ugly f**kin’ kids, the family dog and the b***h that lives next door. She can go die in a fish grease fire” and “I hope Sharon Osbourne gets hit by one last wave of COVID & dies.”

That stifled laugh you just heard in your head was not us.


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