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THE TALK is back live in studio! The 11th season of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show THE TALK premieres Monday, Sept. 21 (2:00-3:00 PM, ET; 1:00-2:00 PM, PT/CT) on CBS. This season the show will be hosted by Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Eve and Carrie Ann Inaba. The season premiere marks a return to set since the hosts began shooting the show from home in March. While Osbourne, Underwood and Inaba return to studio in Los Angeles, Eve will join via remote from a studio based in London. Celebrity guests for their first week back include actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore, actor Sterling K. Brown, actress and radio host Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, actor Rob Lowe, television host Dr. Phil McGraw and New York Times best-selling author and chef Ayesha Curry. The season kicks off with newly announced joint executive producers/showrunners Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews at the helm. The multi-Daytime Emmy Award-winning duo have been with THE TALK since season one, which premiered in October 2010.

With the show set to return next week, BOSSIP’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden reached out to Eve to catch up about what to expect with the new season and to get the scoop on what 2020 has been like for her and her co-hosts.

“The team stepped up.” Eve said about the switch to THE TALK at HOME, last season “Our producers, directors, writers, EP everyone, the way they stepped up. I don’t even know how you produce a Zoom show on TV — it was too much for my brain! I was even stressed when they started in like, ‘Okay you need to get a ring light — what’s your internet speed?’ I am not a technical person whatsoever. I’m the worst but the fact that we got it done. The fact that they got it done, because we didn’t do anything beyond turn the computer screen on and throw on a little makeup and try to wear a cute top.

One thing that I think happened that probably wouldn’t have happened if we were in the studio was, as far as we are apart, when we’re on Zoom we’re looking right at each other. You can’t miss people’s facial reactions. It felt more intimate and I don’t know if we would have had that if we were in the studio. It was really interesting.

You guys will recall, prior to social distancing all the hosts shared a table together. Season 11 of THE TALK will reveal a fully redesigned open-concept set, featuring eclectic club chairs handpicked individually by and for each host. The new stage layout is reconfigured to observe social distancing and will be without a studio audience. Guests will appear live on the show via Skype.

2020 has brought changes beyond just switching to virtual, while the tone of the show has always been lighthearted, the events of the past seven months allowed THE TALK hosts to connect on deeper issues.

“Obviously it’s been so hard for everyone and people saw the transition that happened while we were on the air,” Eve told BOSSIP’s Sr. Director, Janeé Bolden. “All the horrible deaths that happened. All the unrest that happened, besides the COVID situation, but also trying to navigate the new normal. I think people saw our transition.

For all of us ladies, we’re just excited to have more of a voice. Not that we never did. We all are our individual selves and believe what we believe, but we’ve kind of gone somewhere that I think we can go a little deeper and the audience is like, “Oh ok!” While we want to keep it light — because that’s who we are — we want to be the girlfriends, we want to be the ones that give a respite and keep people happy, we need to talk about the serious things too and the things that are going on in our community, and in our cities and in our world. I’m excited for the conversations. I definitely miss the ladies. We have a new set. Obviously because of the social distancing. The three ladies will be at a set in L.A. I will still be in London for a little while but I actually will be going to film at a TV studio. So I won’t be at home. I’m excited about that situation. It’s going to be a good year. Obviously we’ve had new people come in and some people leave…

Since joining the show in 2017, the lineup at THE TALK has changed a few times. While Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood have been her co-hosts since the beginning, she’s seen Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert depart from the show. Carrie Ann Inaba replaced Chen and Marie Osmond briefly replaced Gilbert.

“Every year that I’ve been there someone new has come in,” Eve told BOSSIP of the changes in the cast. “But everyone new that has come in has added their personality and we have all learned something. I’ve grown a lot at the show and I think I’ve learned something new from every woman who has sat at that table. 100%.

The overall theme for Season 11 is “Speak Up & Be Heard,” with the show debuting new signature segments, including “The Daily Catch Up,” “The Talk Talks Back,” “Eat Up” and “Feel Good Fridays.” “The Daily Catch Up” will start the show with the hosts sharing personal details of what they did the night before or over the weekend. The show will engage in thought provoking, topical and personal conversations with guests, and the hosts will conduct intimate one-on-one celebrity interviews as part of special episodes throughout the season. In “The Talk Talks Back,” the ladies will read audience comments from various social media platforms and address them with honesty and humor. “Eat Up” will feature expanded cooking demos with fun and informative themed weeks. Every other Friday, the show will highlight hometown heroes and struggling small business owners in “Feel Good Friday,” giving them a $1,000 gift card in recognition of their work. THE TALK’s home audience will be asked to nominate people in their communities who are making a difference.

There’s definitely a need for that “The Talk Talks Back” segment! Remember when Eve mentioned she and her husband were having some of the most difficult conversations ever as the U.S. was forced to confront racial divisions more directly than the country has in YEARS?

“It was crazy because people were like, ‘Yeah that’s what you get girl! Messing with this white dude.'” Eve told BOSSIP about the uproar over her on-air admission. “It’s like, calm down. Relax. I’m actually here being honest and vulnerable, like we do with our show and I was shocked. I have to say shout out to our producers, because Heather who is one of our producers and is now one of the showrunners, shout out to Heather, because she was like, ‘I think we should address this…’ And when I looked at everything, I was like, ‘We have to!’ I don’t want people thinking I’m some ignorant… Hello! If you’ve followed my career at all, you know I’m not some dumb, naive, innocent, ignorant girl. ”

“The conversations were harder because of where we are in our world is harder, period. The conversations were harder because I have four stepchildren and I need to talk to them about race. The conversations were harder because I was in my feelings, I was in emotions I had never had before. I was crying sometimes just because. It’s alot. It’s the world now. It’s not just us in America. But yeah I was like ‘Damn y’all give me a break, but I was happy that I had the chance to clarify.”

We’re so glad she did too!

Additionally, THE TALK will launch a series of special event-themed episodes called “Having the Talk.” In October, the series will debut with “Having the Talk: Mental Health & Wellness.”

Premiere week guests and programming for the week of Sept. 21 include: Monday, Sept. 21 THE TALK season 11 premieres live in studio; actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore discusses her new talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show”; Tuesday, Sept. 22 Actor Sterling K. Brown; Wednesday, Sept. 23 Actress and radio host Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg; Thursday, Sept. 24 Actor Rob Lowe discusses his new podcast “Literally! With Rob Lowe”; Friday, Sept. 25 Television host Dr. Phil McGraw discusses the premiere of his talk show’s 19th season; New York Times best-selling author and chef Ayesha Curry.

We’re so excited “THE TALK” is back. We’ll definitely be tuning in next week. Will you?!

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