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Activists Rally At Minnesota State Capitol Ahead Of Trial Of Derek Chauvin

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Derek Chauvin‘s lawyers were trying their damnedest to get his trial for the murder of George Floyd postponed and moved to another city in Minnesota. According to CNN, Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill was like Homey The Clown, he don’t play that. Yesterday, Judge Cahill rejected the defense’s argument that any juror selected will be biased against their client because of their proximity to the case and the news of the $27 million settlement that the Floyd family received from the city of Minneapolis.

Fox News talking head Alan Dershowitz tried to make the same argument against holding the trial in Minneapolis:

It’s a serious constitutional mistake. The judge is focusing on the wrong issue: The issue of prejudice. What he should be focusing on is that jurors are going to be frightened that if they render an acquittal or they fail to convict on murder there may be violence. Their own homes, their own stores, their own family may be affected.

Not only is the thumb on the scale, but the elbow is on the scale. No juror should have to worry that if they acquit there will be consequences to them outside of the courtroom. That’s why this trial should be held in a rural area, far away from where there may be violence. 

Hey Dershowitz, d!¢khead, there isn’t a single American citizen eligible to serve on a jury who won’t be thinking about the repercussions of this trail. The whole damn country watched the protests last summer. Everyone involved in this trial from the judge to the bailiff to the reporters covering it know that there is potential for uprising if Chauvin is allowed to get away with murder.

Here’s what the judge had to say regarding this ridiculous concept:

“Unfortunately I think the pretrial publicity in this case will continue no matter how long we continue it,” Cahill said Friday morning in announcing his decisions.
“And as far as a change of venue, I do not think it that would give the defendant any kind of a fair trial beyond what we are doing here today. I don’t think there’s any place in the state of Minnesota that has not been subjected to extreme amounts of publicity on this case.”
Have these defense attorneys ever tried a high-profile case? Do they think people don’t have TVs or internet? What a dumb thing to argue.
Anyway, a woman became the thirteenth juror selected and Judge Cahill says they will try to choose two more beginning on Monday when court resumes.


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