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Funeral Procession Of Hip Hop Artist And Community Activist Nipsey Hussle Travels Through His L.A. Neighborhood

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In 2019, Nipsey Hussle was shot by Eric Holder, who senselessly gunned him down outside of his Marathon Clothing Store. After pulling the trigger, Eric went on the run before being captured two days later by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Since that fateful day, his trial has been delayed three different times, mostly due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With the delays and no end in sight, Holder is now trying to get his bail reduced so he can regain his freedom for a short time. According to Ny Daily News, Holder and his attorney are trying to argue that his criminal history before the alleged murder of Nipsey is insignificant, despite a felony conviction in 2012 for carrying a concealed firearm.

The public filing argues Holder’s criminal history before the alleged shooting was “insignificant,” including only one felony conviction in 2012 for carrying a concealed firearm.

“Based on the isolated nature of this case, Mr. Holder does not pose a risk of harm to the public,” the motion states. “Even a reduction of bail down to $4 million should satisfy any concerns by the court and the District Attorney,” the filing from public defender Lowynn Young states.

The filing argues Holder isn’t a flight risk because he doesn’t hold a passport and has significant family ties to the community, including a father who’s a government worker. Judge Curtis B. Rappé gave prosecutors until Tuesday to respond to the motion and set a follow-up hearing for April 6.

It doesn’t seem likely that he will have his bail reduced when the crime he is locked up for involves a gun as the murder weapon, as someone who has previous firearm-related charges. If he were to be released, the idea that he isn’t a risk to the community isn’t as big of a factor as the community being a risk to him. He allegedly murdered an icon and a piece of LA royalty–the safest place for him is probably behind bars.


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