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“Leave me alone, I surrender. You’re doing the absolute most. God help you, these people don’t know you…”

Things between a former husband and wife are getting even messier now that they’re continuing to eviscerate each other online. As previously reported #RHOA’s LaToya Ali released YouTube videos explaining that she left her marriage to Adam Ali over alleged mental, emotional and physical abuse. LaToya alleged that her husband put his hands on her after finding out that she cheated and she shockingly alleged that her last pregnancy was the result of marital rape during a night when she was too intoxicated to consent.


“I believe that he purposely got me pregnant,” alleged LaToya. […] “I was trying to leave and I ended up pregnant, he knows my weakness is alcohol. We got extremely drunk with our friends, I completely blacked out. I didn’t even know if I had sex or not, I didn’t even know if we had intercourse or not. I was so gone for like two days.”

LaToya also made sure to note that while she considers her youngest child, Aya, a blessing she’s standing firm in her “trap” claims and dubbing it a “trap [Adam] would never admit to.”

According to Adam Ali, however, there’s nothing to admit to because her claims are false.


The YouTuber went Live on Instagram Tuesday to defend himself against the “trap” claims and while doing so he ran down a list of uber messy accusations against his ex that we probably never needed to know.

“We should protect Black women but when you bring out these allegatins of rape and abuse, all tha’ts out the window,” said Adam on his IG Live. “This person doesn’t even have respect for women! Two weeks ago you had a scandal about Black women. Yes, we should respect Black women but you don’t even respect Black women,” he added while alleging that LaToya’s a narcissist.

“There’s this narrative that I was controlling everything. I kept your brand pretty clean and wholesome. Now it’s a mess, it’s disgusting.”

According to Adam, after LaToya got back from cheating on him on a cruise [something she admitted to but said it wasn’t intercouse], they had a mutual “hustle and tussle” in the house…

“She comes in, she doesn’t even really greet me,” said Adam. “She goes into our marital space,it was hustle and tussle, I never striked her. I never put my hand on her, that was it. Was she probaly scared? Yeah, she probaly was. I was angry. How dare you came back from a cruise after doing some ish and lay up in our bed like nothing happened. I never striked you, I never hit you.”

before she allegedly fabricated marital rape allegations.

“To say that I raped you?! What are you talking about? This is what gaslighting is, you know what you did two months ago. We moved in September this occurred in October, come New Years now she’s telling me she’s pregnant. I’m thinking like did something happen in the cruise? She denied it [and said] you know nothing happened, no intercourse happened. Even though I am skeptical about things to to say that like, I raped you?! What are you talking about?! That was the one thing from yesterday that I was just like, ‘UInbelivable! This is gaslighting!’ You just came back from cheating over there don’t try to gaslight the situation.”

He also spoke on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and said that he didn’t want to be part of it citing his morals while noting that they were already divorcing.

“I’m telling her I’m not doing it. It was never about the money for me, my soul’s not for sale,” said Adam on his IG Live. “Of course she feels like I’m blocking her dream. I’m not gonna do anything fake for the world.”

He also shadily alleged that he saw LaToya’s contract and she only makes $1,000 per episode. 

“You’re going crazy for this show and then i saw the contract and her family kept saying something about legacy and there’s a bag here. When I saw the contract—bruh, you’re getting paid a rack [$1,000] an episode! I make more money selling my beard oil almost everyday.”

Adam said much, much more, including a bit about LaToya using a private investigator and a GPS tracker to follow him. On her own YouTube channel, LaToya said it was so she could use it against in him the divorce, but Adam said he believed something more nefarious was afoot. According to Adam “some guy” was coaching LaToya on how to get a gun and with that in mind, he filed a restraining order against her.

“She hires a private investigator, she’s getting mad when the private investigator is telling her “He’s at the park”, she’s getting mad. She’s using the word, he’s a “waste”, I’m not on that time right now.  […]

“Imagine if I did this as a man! Y’all would call me a stalker, lunatic, crazy! This is what crazy dudes do but she is doing it to me. I find the GPS tracker, I’m in disbelief. This girl has the guy coaching her on how to get a gun, she got this big a** tracker on my car. Her side of the family is counseling me on what to do. The consensus is she might be trying to get you sent up.”


He also alleged that he has a 20-minute video of LaToya domestically abusing him and produced an alleged receipt of LaToya buying her own self a Rolex while allegedly claiming it came from her new boyfriend. He also ended with allegations that she’s still trying to sleep with him.

“You keep sending me advances, you’re with somebody else. Why you keep me inviting me to your place?! I’m good love, just leave the boy alone.”


M E S S Y on both parts and these two are probably far from finished.

LaToya has responded to Adam’s video, hit the flip for that.


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